What did Alice Parker do?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Alice Parker invented the heating furnace and central heating

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Q: What did Alice Parker do?
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Where can you find information about Alice h Parker?

You can find information about alice h parker at alice h parker biography or but use alice h parker

What year was Alice h Parker born?

Alice Parker was born in 1901.

When did Alice Parker - Salem - die?

Alice Parker - Salem - died in 1692.

When did Alice Parker died?

Alice Parker is a music composer in America and she is alive. There was another American named Alice Parker who died in the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.

Why did Alice Parker invent the heating furnace?

how did alice parker make the gas heating furnice

How old is Alice Parker?

US composer Alice Parker is 92 years old (born December 16, 1925).

What did Alice H. Parker invent?

Alice H. Parker invented a natural gas heating furnace in 1919. Her invention allowed for individual rooms to be heated through a central heating system, a significant improvement over previous heating methods.

What did Alice Parker invented?

heating furnace

How did Alice Parker die?

Alice Parker was hanged as a result of the Salem witch trials in 1682. Four other women were executed along with other.

What character traits did Alice Parker poses?

Alice Parker was known for being curious, imaginative, and adventurous. She was also independent and had a strong sense of determination.

Do Alice h Parker have kids?

There is limited information available about Alice H. Parker's personal life, including any children she may have had. Alice H. Parker was an African-American inventor known for her patented design for a natural gas heating furnace.

Who was Alice h Parker?

Alice H. Parker invented the new and improved gas heating furnace. The heating furnace is still used today also.