What did Amelia Earhart name her plane?

Amelia named many of her aircraft. The first was 'Canary' , a bright yellow Kinner Airster in which she made many flights. Her most well known plane was a red Lockheed Vega 5, which she called "the little red bus". This was the same type of aircraft flown by the famous Wiley Post ( who had flown it around the world ) . Amelia's final aircraft was the Lockheed Electra 10E which she called 'the Flying Laboratory'. This was actually owned by Purdue University for whom Amelia worked at that time.

Her first planne, the Kinner Airster, was nicknamed (canary) from its yellow color. The name Red Bus or Little Red Bus was applied to Earhart"s Lockheed Vega (Red with gold stripes and trim) used in her solo Atlantic flight and presently in the Smithsonian. This plane was supposed to have been named Spirit of Mercury but the New York Central objected so the story goes. Spirit of Mercury may well have been official title. The Lockheed Model L0-E Electra was of course the last craft and was known as the Electra, in fact the entire circumnavigation flight-really an expediton as it stretched several months before she went missing. The plane was also called by Earhart "Flying Laboratory". No false flashes here- in Greek mythology Electra was one of the daughters of Atlas the world-shouldering Titan of Greek fame! Somewhat oddly the Atlas statue at Rockefeller center was unveiled in l937. There was a claim that Earhart flew two Electras, one wrecked in a take-off accident and the other one substituted like spare race cars; the modern detailed research however proved this claim as erroneous.