What did Andrew Jackson do for your country?

As a president, Andrew Jackson was not one of the very well known presidents. He is more remembered for his misdoings. When he was serving the Congress, he had co-signed a land speculation deal which left his partners bankrupt. He was not considered trustworthy by the banks, and had lot of debt. During his entire presidency, he was at war with the Bank of the United States. In those days, the Bank of USA had a monopoly to the holdings all the federal deposits.

He made several decisions that were not favored and approved by the other party members. When two members from his party refused to carry out his instructions, he fired them. He was rather impulsive and irrational in his approach. He made decisions that would destabilize the financial situation in the country.

He was a strong believer in a democratic government, and made it known with his decisions. He thought that the positions should be rotated among the deserving candidates of the party. However, he was considered biased and aggressive by his party members. So, he was not very popular among his own people and also with the people of the United States.