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She was appalled by Hitler, as was any Jew of the era, but Hitler was like a distant abstract to her (understandably). Anne had a few choice words to say about the German puppet leader of The Netherlands, Anton Mussert, however.

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Q: What did Anne Frank think of Adolf Hitler?
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Famous persons from Germany?

Adolf Hitler, Anne Frank

Was anne frank and adolf Hitler part of the same family?


What did Anne Frank wonder?

she wondered if she would ever be safe from Adolf Hitler.

How were Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler similar?

The only similarity between them is that they lived in the same time.

What made Anne Frank angry?

Anne Frank was angry because she was Jewish when Adolf Hitler didn't like the Jewish. Plus they didn't get to really do anything.

How Hitler kill Anne Frank?

Frank kill Anne Hitler, How?

What did Hitler do to Anne Frank?

Hitler did not do anything to Anne Frank. Gestapo on the other hand did.

Was Anne Frank related to Adolf Hitler at all?

If you're talking about family relationships, no. However, if you're talking about the world "related" as in involved in the same incidents and plans, yes. Anne Frank was a victim of the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler was the man who gathered the Nazis that destroyed the Jews and other ethnic groups.

Who was the president when anne frank went into hiding?

Adolf Hitler. He wasn't a president but a kind of leader... a man of power... at that time.

Did Anne Franks diary help people?

Anne Frank's diary helped people by telling them how an ordinary teenage girl lived her life when life was troubled by Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was ruler of Germany and so the Frank family was forced to move into hiding...

What time was Adolf Hitler was born?

Nobody knows what time Adolf Hitler was born but personaly he wasnt a nice man and I don't really care what time he was born HE KILLED ANNE FRANK! poor Jews Actually, we do know... Adolf Shicklgruber (Hitler) was born at 8:05 AM.

Did Anne Frank support Hitler?


How did Anne Frank talk?

Anne Frank talked in a German accent. She did not sound like Hitler

Did anne frank ever know Hitler?


Did anne frank ever meet Hitler?


Who ripped up Anne Frank's diary when the Nazis' arrested her?

I think it was adolf Hitler or a friend of her dads who betrade them or the natzis

Who is Frank Olson and why did he get killed?

anne frank got killed because of adolf Hitler people who were not Jews accept to kill all the Jews and bring them to concentration camps she got killed because she was a Jew

When did Anne Frank and family go into hide?

Anne Frank and her family went into hiding because they did not want to be caught, tortured and then killed by the Nazis who were occupying their country (Holland). Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party, hated Jews and so wanted them wiped out.

Who did Hitler attack?

Anne Frank and other Jews

Was Hitler related to Anne Frank?

as far as i know, no.

Who is Hitler in diary of Anne Frank?

the men guy .

Who were some famous people who died in World War 2?

Anne Frank, Erwin Rommel, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Franklin Roosevelt.

Who were Adolf Hitler's wives and mistresses?

anne frank, and Eva braun

What was Adolf Hitler's wife name?

Eva Anne Paula Braun Hitler

Why was Anne Frank hiding?

Anne Frank was hiding because,she was a Jew and During the Holocaust Hitler wanted to kill the Jews.