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Annie Oakley ate the food her mother bought as a child but as she got older she ate the food she caught/shot

The piece of wood you find in the oakley boardshorts is actually a snack for when you get hungry... it is high in fiber and protein actually its a surf comb, but i guess you could eat it.

Yes, a raccoon will eat a bullfrog if it can be caught.

jellyfish eat whatever gets caught in their tentacles

no i once caught a shark and threw it were sharks were and they did not eat it

Don't know who they are but wish I knew what restaurant that was so I never eat there

They live in tall grass and is caught in flower pots and eat blue chesse They live in tall grass and is caught in flower pots and eat blue chesse They live in tall grass and is caught in flower pots and eat blue chesse

whos mum said eat your peas

YES! It will eat almost anything that gets caught in their web.

they are opportunistic hunters so they eat when ever prey is caught

things that get caught on the anemone's tentacles

anywhere if you dont get caught

No, no for years pitbull's have been regarded as fierce animals and they enjoy eating the flesh off of humans. They also eat kangeroos. ALSO if ur caught in Autrallia with a pitbull you will be shot on site!

Hummingbirds eat spiders, and bugs caught in their webs and they also eat aphids.

Poodles were pretty good ratters and would eat what they caught and killed.

i caught one stealing my rice...

Trout can indeed be caught on sweetcorn

caribou that is caught by the adults

Yes. You can feed the cat before rabies vaccine shot.

cheezbugers with a shot of ticila

no I had two fiddler crabs and they caught one of the fish but no fish do not eat crab

tigers do eat their prey. they are carnivorous so when they hunt the animal that was caught is their food.

If you caught a wild life snake then he won't eat unless you let him go. If it is not a wild life snake, well then he will eat when he is hungry.

Large puffins cannot eat puffins or puffin eggs. They do scare puffins and annoy them but only to make them drop their fish that they have caught. They really do not eat the puffins; they just want the fish that they have caught.

Yes. They could if one was caught on a web.

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