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What did Australian Army nurses do in World War 2?

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the Australian army nurses helped the wounded soldiers. They treated any injuries they had obtained while fighting, although there were no nurses on the frontline as it was said to be too dangerous for women.

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What did Australian Soldiers think of the Australian Nurses in World War 2?

they smokin hot!

How many Australian nurses were killed in world war 2?


How did women contribute to Americas war effort in world war 1?

by joining the army as nurses

Australian women in the Vietnam war?


What experience did Australian army had before world war 1?

no real war experience

How big was the Australian army during World War 1?


How did women contribute to American's war effort in world war 1?

they join the army as nurses and hospital workers

How did the women contribute to Americas war effort in world war?

they joined the army as nurses and hospital workers-apex

How did women contribute to America's war effort in World War 1?

They joined the army as nurses and hospital workers.

How many women were there in the army during World War 2?

300,000 women served in the Army and some in the Navy as nurses.

How many nurses died during World War 2?

In the U.S. Army Nurse Corps alone, over 217 nurses died.

How many nurses died in World War I?

25 nurses died in world war 1. 25 nurses died in world war 1.

When did Australian nurses go to action in World War 2?

Royal Australian Air Force Nursing Service (RAAFNS) (1940 - )The Royal Australian Air Force Nursing Service was established in 1940. Near as I can tell other nurses in other branches of the military were not established until after 1941. I have provided to web links for you down below to give you a better idea about the Aussie nurses who gallantly served in World War 2.

What did Australian nurses do during the Vietnam War?

Australian nurses worked in a similar fashion as US nurses did, in main base and field hospitals, as well as the US Navy's floating hospital ships.

What are facts about nurses of World War 2?

In Pearl Harbor, there were less than 1,000 nurses There were over 59,000 nurses in all of the Army Nurse CORPS Nurses got an Insignia Device (Badge worn on caps and collars) The Army Nurses went to training for about 6 months Hope this helped a little!

List of names of Australian nurses who served world war 2?

Nancy and betty Collins from mossman n.s.w. they were sisters

What women's organizations were established during World War 2?

Some organisations that were developed in world war 2 are as follows; The Land Armies, the Nursing Services.e.g- Australian Army Medical Women's Service.etc. Australian Women's Army Service

What skills did army nurses in World War 1 need?

How to bandage people, stop infections,etc to do with wounds

What did nurses in World War I wear?

i need a picture of a nurses uniform from Canada from ww1 Nurses in World War 1 wore nurses uniforms. See the link - I Warner

What was the Australian Army called in World War 1?

The Australian Army is surely the Australian Army. The Australian Imperial Force (AIF) was their primary expeditionary force during WWI. At Gallipoli, the Australians and New Zealanders were referred to as ANZAC or Australia/New Zealand Armed Corps.

How much did World War 1 nurses get paid?

World War 1 nurses did not get paid. They were mainly nurses from Red Cross and they did volunteer work in war-prone zones.

How did nurses treat wounded soldiers in World War 1?

Nurses treated soldiers in world war one...

What did the WAAC do in World War 2?

554 of the women's army auxiliary corps (WAAC) were promoted to women's army corps (WAC), they were the first women to go to war other than nurses

What has the author Jessie Elizabeth Simons written?

Jessie Elizabeth Simons has written: 'In Japanese hands' -- subject(s): Australian Personal narratives, Biography, Indonesian Prisoners and prisons, Japanese Prisoners and prisons, Nurses, Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps, World War, 1939-1945

How many Australian nurses served during world war 2?

557 women served. ANSWER thnk u sooo much xD