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Australian Women before World War 2 were mainly housewives. They cared for their children, cooked, and did most of the housework. If they were wealthy enough to hire a servant they were given more leisure time. In World war 2 some women became Nurses, helping the fighting men when wounded.

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Q: What did Australian women do before World War 2?
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How did World War 2 change the lives of Australian women?

More married women than ever before entered the paid workforce.

How many Australian women in world war 1?


What were Australian women expected to do before 1945?

Before the outbreak of World War II in 1945, Australian women were primarily involved in managing children and other household responsibilities. They were also recruited as nurses and other active service duties.

What were the roles of women before World War 2?

before world war ii women were mostly domestic servants

How did women's roles in World War 1 effect Australian society?

Australian women became more independent due to the responsibilities the women had to face when the men went to war.

How were Australian women affected by World War 1?

Australian women were effected greatly because their husbands brothers and friends were getting killed at war and here was nothing they could do about it.

Did Australian women during World War 1 want to send men away to war?


What experience did Australian army had before world war 1?

no real war experience

Who were the Australian women liberationists after World War 2?

Were a second wave of feminist activism

What were the roles of women before and during world war 2?

The roles BEFORE World War II were being a housewife & during World War II women took over factories and other jobs. that's why women have jobs now. Before World War II they didn't work outside of the house.

Did the Australian women in World War 2 work with only women or did they work with men as well and were they supervised by men or women?

Gustave Courbet

What did women do before world war 1?


Who did the jobs women where doing before World War 1?

The women did of course

How many Australian women died in World War 2?

Not more than a few hundred. Although the Japanese came close, World War II never completely reached the Australian homefront.

Who was a women before World War 2?

a housewife or a spinster.

What effect did World War I have on women and African Americans?

After World War 1, women enjoyed new freedoms and the hard-won right to vote. More and More people bought modern conviences. Before World War 1 i do not know! After the war, women had the right to vote. Before the war happened i do not know!

Australian women in the Vietnam war?


Did any Australian women engage in combat in World War 2?

No - Australians have only had women in combat for the last 5 to 10 years.

Did women question their place in society before the World War 2?


What was the expected role of women in Australian society immediately following World War 2?

molesting small children

Why did Australian women join the army in World War 1?

because there children worked all day for there family

What did Australian women do during World War 2?

Australian women took on the roles of the men. they were involved in the land army, and other stuff too.AnswerDuring World War II women had an important role overseas and in the home and it changed and improved women�s place in the Australian society of today. Before the war, Most jobs for women were traditional roles such as nursing, secretarial or caring jobs. AnswerThe role of Australian women in World War II was to make bombs, guns and genral weaponry. Answerwomen were required to take on a much more active role than ever before, with the males away on service. Women were required not only to continue with their roles as homemakers and taking care of their children, they were also required to take on predomiminatly male roles such as farming, factory work and officework even though they would be lucky to get paid 60% of the usual male working rate. Answerwomen were also required to recycle and try and use as least commodities as possible Answersome of women's roles in WWII were just staying at home to keep the kids safe. Some of the women's roles were to go and fight in the war.

What were women able to do before the war?

The primary occupations of women before World War 1 were teaching and nursing. Of course, there were exceptions to this, but the war did create the opportunity for women to work in factories and other jobs that had typically been held by men.

How were women treated before World War 1?

They were not able to vote i think

How did the Australian attitudes towards women change during and after World War 2?

When most of the men were in the warfront most work was done by the women. That is when the people say the potential in women. They had their own women navy.