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Q: What did Axum civilizations use to equal the Roman Empire's currency to facilitate trade relations?
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Why do empires establish colonies?

1) to facilitate trade

How do Empires and Civilizations differ?

Civilizations often transcend Empires and are not dependent on their survival. For example, Roman civilization was both a Republic and an Empire.

What other countries or empires or civilizations have controlled Ireland?

the British Empire

Where did new civilizations and empires emerge?

Egypt, the Fertile Crescent, China.

How did the culture change in mesopotamia?

Well, a lot of different empires took over and there were three major empires. A lot of civilizations were destroyed.

What factor limited civilizations between the Mongolian and Islamic empires?

religeon ~c=3

What civilizations fell like Rome did?

Many empires in history feel due to invasions.

What sited of early civilizations were in both the Persian and Assyrians empires?

Egypt, Phoenicia, Mesopotamia.

What circumstances helped the civilizations and diverse cultures of the Americas to develop in ways both common and unique ways?

Circumstances that helped the civilizations and diverse cultures of the Americas to develop in ways both common and unique are the early civilizations of the Americas created such vast empires with an advanced form of thinking and living. These civilizations lacked some of the essential tools that the Asian civilizations depended on to form there amazing empires.

Expanded trade regional empires and increased global trade are all effects of which of the following?

APEX: The transition from river valley civilizations to classical civilizations.

What are the two ancient empires that occupied Mexico?

There were many of them but the most renowned were the Aztec and Mayan civilizations.

In what way were Helenistic and Roman civilizations similar?

They were both concerned with expanding their empires They had similar religions

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