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Benjamin Franklin did many things, including; -inventing numerous things (most famously bifocals, the lightning rod, and the Franklin stove) -serving as the colonies' ambassador to France and man to get an alliance between the two -writing Poor Richard's Almanac and his autobiography -creating of the Pennsylvania Gazette -being a founding father: laying out the 3 branches of government, serving on the Continental Congress, etc -being a genius Long story short: He was amazing! He contributed written work, inventions, political ideals and notions, and a set of fine values. He saved many lives with his lightning rod. == ==
Ben was 1. Writer 2. Editor of the declaration/ signed the declaration 3. Inventor of Franklin stove, bifocals, lightening rods 4. Diplomat 5. At the constitutional convention 6. Began schools 7. Started the first fire department in Philadelphia 8. Opened the Philadelphia library 9. Left a bank account for Philadelphia that couldn't be opened until 1999.

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Q: What did Benjamin Franklin contribute?
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