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In 1728, when Franklin was 22, he composed a mock epitaph, which is well-known today:

The body of

B. Franklin, Printer

Like the Cover of an Old Book

Its Contents torn Out

And Stript of its Lettering and Gilding)

Lies Here, Food for Worms.

But the Work shall not be Lost;

For it will (as he Believ'd) Appear once More

In a New and More Elegant Edition

Revised and Corrected

By the Author.

However, his gravemarker reads simply:




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What does Franklin use in his epitaph?

An epitaph is something that is written on a tombstone. Benjamin Franklin's epitaph was written by Franklin himself in 1728.

What did Benjamin Franklin say about the Constitution created by the delegates?

After leaving the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was asked by someone; "Mr. Franklin what have thou wrought?" Benjamin Franklin replied: "A republic, if you can keep it."

What did Benjamin Franklin say about bacteria?

Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg introduced the term bacterium in 1828 after Benjamin Franklin had died. Ben Franklin died in 1790. Therefore, Benjamin Franklin said nothing about bacteria.

How do you say epitaph in German?

Epitaph is das Epitaph or dieGrabschrift in German.

What did Benjamin Franklin say on his death bed?

Benjamin Franklin's last words were, "A dying man can do nothing easy." Benjamin Franklin died on April 17, 1790.

What was the name of Benjamin Franklin?

The name of Benjamin Franklin was, strangely enough, Benjamin Franklin.

Who wrote the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin wrote The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

What does Michael Jackson's epitaph say?

There is no epitaph on his tomb.

How did Benjamin Franklin feel about work?

For a man that accomplished as much as he did I think it would be safe to say the Benjamin Franklin had a great fondness for work.

What did Benjamin Franklin do as an apprientice?

He was a printers apprentice. Say that fast!

What did Benjamin Franklin say about math?

Benjamin Franklin said "What science can there be more noble, more excellent, more useful for men, more admirably high and demonstrative than mathematics." Benjamin Franklin was an American experimenter and statesman.

Was Benjamin Franklin fat?

I do not know why............ but he was little chubby, if you want to say that. :)

Was Benjamin Franklin a Mason?

Yes Benjamin Franklin was a mason!

Where does Benjamin Franklin live?

benjamin franklin lives in philadelphia

Which colony was Benjamin Franklin from?

Benjamin Franklin was from Boston, Massachusetts.

What kind of scientist was Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was a physicist.

What did Benjamin Franklin worry about?

Benjamin Franklin worried about America.

Where was Benjamin Franklin a patriot?

Benjamin Franklin was a patriot in America.

Who was president after Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was never president.

What did Benjamin Franklin make?

Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal glasses and the Franklin stove.

What has the author Benjamin Franklin written?

Benjamin Franklin has written: 'Benjamin Franklin, wit and wisdom' -- subject(s): Quotations, Statesmen

What Famous book was written by Benjamin Franklin?

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Who did Benjamin Franklin admire?

Benjamin Franklin admired his wife and kids

Benjamin Franklin what did he do?

Benjamin Franklin made stuff and discovered electricity

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