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he made plans to go to France

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How was Charles Darnay related to Monsieur the Marquis in the story A Tale of Two Cities?

In the story Charles Darnay was the nephew of the Marquis , but he gave up his title, to the anger of the marquis.

How old was the queen when she gave birth to Prince Charles?

Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926 and gave birth to Prince Charles on November 14, 1948. Therefore, she was 22 years of age when she gave birth to Prince Charles.

How do you use her as an indirect object?

I gave her the love letter. Or, I gave the love letter to her.In both sentences, the direct object of the verb 'gave' is the noun 'letter' and the indirect object is the pronoun 'her'.

How did King Charles help Magellan?

he gave him money to sail

Who did King Charles give Carolina to?

he gave it to a lord proprietors

Who gave the charter to Connecticut?

King Charles ll of England

Who gave Pennsylvania to William Penn?

The Duke of York gave Pennsylvania and Delaware to William Penn for free. The Duke of York was King Charles II's brother. King Charles gave Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York to Duke of York who then gave Pennsylvania and Delaware to William Penn.

Why did Charles run Britain without a parliament?

Beause parliament gave charles the Grand Remonstrance which was a petition stating all their grievances, Charles dismissed them.

To whom did King Charles give Carolana?

king Charles gave carolana to William Penn i don't no why but he just did

How did the Queen meet Prince Charles?

She met him on the day she gave birth to him

What has the author Charles Gave written?

Charles Gave has written: 'Jesus' 'Our brave new world' -- subject(s): International finance, Finance, Investment analysis, Economics, Foreign Investments, Investments 'The End Is Not Nigh'

Who is the founder of New jersey?

King Charles II gave it to his brother in 1662 so King Charles II!!! HOPE IT HELPS! (:(:

What was the motivation of founding North Carolina?

King Charles II gave it to them for supporting him.

What was named after the man who was given the land by King Charles II?

Pennsylvania, because Kng Charles II gave the land to William Penn.

How does sydney carton gets Charles out of the prison?

He uses his lightsaber to kill the guards, then he gave the ring of power to Charles to eat. So when Charles ate it, he became invincible and ruled Jamaica.

What English King gave land in America to Lord Baltimore?

King Charles the First gave that Charter to the 2nd Lord Baltimore in 1632.

How was Charles Manson treated after being caught?

a dog kicked his teeth in and then they gave him a bucket of barf and then they gave him chris hoshauer and then they put him to bed.

Where was Charles eddison born?

Charles Edison was born in West Orange, New Jersey in 1890. His father was Thomas Edison and his mother was Mina Miller. Mina gave birth to Charles at home.

When did Charles Dickens first give a public reading of A Christmas Carol?

Charles Dickens gave his first public reading of a Christmas carol in 1853.

What colony was named after the man who was given land by king Charles the second?

Pennsylvania, because Kng Charles II gave the land to William Penn.

Who is known as the father of computers?

Charles Babbage because he gave the idea about the modern computer.

What did Charles Cornwallis do in the American Revolution?

commander of the British and gave up chasing green

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