What did Claudius do bad for the Romans?

Claudius did not do anything bad for the Romans. He had two aqueducts built for the city of Rome and a third one repaired. He built roads throughout the empire. He built a canal from the River Rhine to the sea. He had the port of Rome rebuilt and connected it to the River Tiber with a canal. He tried to drain a lake to create more land to farm, but this failed. Claudius legislated that sick slaves who were abandoned by their masters because they did not want to provide treatment for them would be free if they recovered and that masters who killed sick slaves could be charged with murder.
Claudius was not liked because he had a limp and slight deafness due to sickness when he was a child. Disability was met with prejudice in those days and before becoming emperor he was shunned by his relatives.He was not liked by the senate because he struck off senators who were not longer eligible to sit in the senate and he had many freedmen in his administration, He was also seen as being manipulated by his fourth wife, Agrippina,who was scheming for her power and to make Nero, her son from another marriage the heir to the imperial title.