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What did Cyrus West Field invent?


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Cyrus W. Field invented the first transatlantic telephone cable.

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Cyrus West Field died on 1892-07-12.

Cyrus West Field was born on 1819-11-30.

Cyrus west field died because of Texas and Texas is a lonly country

To make it easier to contact Europe.

Cyrus McCormick and his father together invented the mechanical reaper, and Cyrus also developed new sales and marketing methods to sell it throughout the west.

Cyrus McCormick invented the reaper.

Cyrus West FieldClick on the link to your right for more information.

Cyrus West Field (1819 – 1892) was an American businessman and one of the founders of the Atlantic Telegraph Company, the company that laid the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean in 1858.

Cyrus Field was born on October 20, 1819

The horse drawn reaper.

A harvesting machine called a reaper.

Cyrus Mc Cormick invented a mechanical reaper for farmers and obtained patent in 1834.

Jo Anderson helped Cyrus mccromick to invent the reaper.

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The man who helped Cyrus McCormick invent the mechanical reaper was a slave named Jo Anderson. McCormick also acknowledged that his invention was based on work done by people before him.

Isabella - Field - Judson has written: 'Cyrus W. Field, his life and work - 1819-1892 -' 'Cyrus W. Field' -- subject- s -: Accessible book

In 1834, Jo Anderson and Cyrus McCormick together made the mechanical reaper. Anderson was McCormick's slave.

Jo Anderson was Cyrus McCormick's slave, and together they invented the reaper. this invention revolutionized the age of farming in the USA

He is often credited with being the inventor of the mechanical reaper or harvester.

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James.E. West invented electronics

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