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Cyrus W. Field invented the first transatlantic telephone cable.

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Q: What did Cyrus West Field invent?
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What did Cyrus field invent?

a condom

When did Cyrus West Field die?

Cyrus West Field died on 1892-07-12.

When was Cyrus West Field born?

Cyrus West Field was born on 1819-11-30.

How did Cyrus west field die?

Cyrus west field died because of Texas and Texas is a lonly country

Why did Cyrus Field invent the transatlantic cable?

To make it easier to contact Europe.

What school did Cyrus West Field go to?

the one that she went to

Who invented the transatlantic telegraph line?

Cyrus West Field

Who placed the telegraph across the Atlantic Ocean?

Cyrus West Field

What else did Cyrus Mccormick invent?

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What did Cyrus McCormick invent?

Cyrus McCormick invented the reaper.

What did Cyrus mccormic invent?

a reaper

What did Cyrus the Great invent?

The catapult

Who was cyrus field?

Cyrus West Field (1819 – 1892) was an American businessman and one of the founders of the Atlantic Telegraph Company, the company that laid the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean in 1858.

When was Cyrus Field born?

Cyrus Field was born on October 20, 1819

What year did Cyrus mcCormick invent the reaper?


Where did Cyrus McCormick invent the McCormick Reaper?


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What did Cyrus McCormick invent in 1834?

The mechanical reaper

What did Cyrus McCormick's dad try to invent?

he madde the telepgjiog

What did Cyrus mc ormicle invent?

A harvesting machine called a reaper.

What did James west do?

Invent the microphone

Did Miley Cyrus win a metale or invent something?

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Who is Jo Anderson?

Jo Anderson helped Cyrus mccromick to invent the reaper.

What did Cyrus Mc Cormick invent in 1834?

Cyrus Mc Cormick invented a mechanical reaper for farmers and obtained patent in 1834.

What did James E West invent?