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Check out the related links for some paintings and pictures of the painter Edgar Degas.

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When was Edgar Degas born?

Edgar Degas was born on July 19, 1834.

What movies did Edgar Degas like?

Ah, come on! Degas died in 1917, when there were no real movies yet.

Did Edgar degas marry?

No, Edgar Degas never married. people thought he was annoying at times.

When did Edgar Degas die?

Edgar Degas died on September 27, 1917 at the age of 83.

Did Edgar Degas ever sign his name in French?

Edgar Degas can only be written in French.

What art movement did Edgar degas associate with?

Edgar degas called himself a realist, but as his eyesight got worst his art style became more impressionistic.

Where did Edgar Degas die?

Edgar Degas died in Paris 27th September 1917 aged 83.

What is Degas' full name?

Edgar Degas.Another answer:Hilaire-Germain-Edgar de Gas.

How old was Edgar Degas at death?

Edgar Degas died on September 27, 1917 at the age of 83.

Did Edgar Degas have kids?

No, Degas did not have kids because he did not have a wife.

What was Edgar Degas' personality?

I was doing a school report on Edgar Degas......because his mother died when Degas was 13 he became quite ill tempered.

How old is Edgar Degas when he died and what was his nationality?

Edgar Degas was 83 when he died on September 27, 1917. He was born in Paris. Interesting facts: Edgar Degas original name was 'Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas'. When his parents moved to paris their last name was Degas, but his father changed it to "De Gas" to seem more Parisian. In adulthood, Edgar changed his back to Degas.

In what style did Edgar Degas paint?

Degas painted in the impressionist style.

Why does Edgar Degas like to draw pictures of dancers?

Degas liked to draw pictures of dancers because he enjoyed painting movement.

Did Edgar Degas like light colors?

He did, especially in the early part of his career,

When did Edgar Degas start painting?

I know that Edgar degas started painting in 1885 i know because i did a research project on him.

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