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What did the Egyptians contribute to the world?

the Egyptians contributed pyramids

How have Egyptians contributed to the study of Earth Science?

Amy hardwick

How have the achievements of the ancient Egyptians contributed to your world?

Because it rocks

How did Egyptians make papyrus?

The Egyptians did not make Papyrus. Papyrus is a plant that the Egyptians used to make a writing material like paper.

Who contributed to the development of devices and units in measurement?


How do you prepare for bank clerical exam?

Study the unit of measure that were contributed by egyptians,babyloionds ,bouon,and Greeks

What did Egyptians make with grapes?

the Egyptians made whine with grapes

Why did the Egyptians use papyrus stems to make?

Egyptians used papyrus stems to make paper

Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids so tall?

While a tomb in death, they contributed to your legecy and were a sign of your power in life.

What did Egyptians make medicine out of?

As a source of medicine, the Egyptians used papyrus.

Why did the Egyptians make pyrimads?

The Egyptians did not make the Pyramids as an example of fine architecture. The Egyptians made Pyramids so that they could serve as tombs to the Pharaohs Of Egypt.

How has mummification contributed to modern day society?

Through it we have learned all about the culture and customs of the ancient egyptians. We have learneed about their beliefs.

How did the Egyptians make gold?

Egyptians did not make gold, they found it and carved to were they used it on sacred things, such as tomb stones, ect.

What advances in learning did the Egyptians make?

the advances Egyptians made paper, and the system of hieroglyphs

How did Egyptians make bread rise?

the Egyptians had flat bread nor was it spongy eathier

From papyrus the egyptians made a type of?

The Egyptians were able to make a type of paper from papyrus.

What did the Egyptians make scrolls from?

From Limestone.

What did the egyptians make?

pyramids and hieroglyphics

What contributions did the Hyksos make to the Egyptians?


What did the Egyptians make their paper out of?


How did the egyptians make papyrus?

with trees

Who was the scientist to make soap?

the egyptians did

Where did the egyptians make the pyramids?

in egypt

Did the Egyptians make blueprints?


How did the Egyptians make the food?

They cooked it!