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Mr. Eisenhower, true statesman that he is, in his role as leader of the free world warned us that military spending could increase by its very nature. That once unleashed, the military industrial complex will take on a life of its own. The relatively new scale of war-like yet primitive behavior will consume budgets, agendas, and policies of many nations' and serve to divide rather than unite. The military industrial complex can become the tool that ethnocentrism will utilize to impose its way of life on others who are not so well defended. Of profound importance, this outgoing President is warning future Presidents of the United States as well as other political leaders to not loose sight of the power and influence of this reality nor let it be co-opted by those who have the financial or political wherewithal to do so. Mr. Eisenhower, a wise and forward-thinking individual, is warning us of the supremely enticing, yet highly problematic reality that will accompany us should we allow ourselves to invest in military solutions to the complex world problems. Also, he is hinting at the reality that political and socioeconomic problems cannot be properly addressed or solved via military means. The military industrial complex looks and feels like a protective barrier against evil, however, in reality, it is an ever growing beast that if not managed will eventually destroy us. He is clearly stating that if we venture down that road it will have the most profound implications upon the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of our countrymen and the whole of humanity. He is warning us to use power judiciously to serve all humankind otherwise it will be the vehicle for the downfall of our nation or perhaps become method by which our species will become extinct. Every American and every thinking person on the planet today would be wise to heed the advice of Mr. Eisenhower and stand up to the tyranny of conservative thinkers who desire nothing more than to impose their standards and values on others. Imperialist ideals should be replaced by tolerance and peaceful co-existence if humanity is to survive for we are coming into an age where weapons of mass destruction will be utilized to the detriment of all that we hold sacred and the generations to come. Gary J. Schummer, Ph.D. REC'D A SPAM email FROM THE ABOVE PARTY June 2009 with the same noted email address stating the following: ---- From:


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Hi Susan,

I trust things went OK with John. I heard from a couple of people who received Patti's email who were concerned.

I'd like to reiterate that if I can be of assistance with anything don't hesitate to give me call.

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Q: What did Eisenhower warn about in his farewell address?
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What did President Eisenhower warn American people about in his farewell address?

President Eisenhower warned the people of the US to guard against the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power by the military-industrial complex.

Why did President Eisenhower in his 1961 farewell address warn the American people against the military-indusrial complex?

because Us was going to lose alot of money

What does Washington warn us about local issues?

In his farewell address what local issues does Washington warn us about?

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He warned the military not to get into foreign affairs.

What did George Washington warn against in his farewell address?

In his Farewell Address, Washington warned against the United States becoming involved in foreign entanglements. He was America's 1st President.

In his farewell address what did President Eisenhower caution the nation against?

The power of the military-industrial complex.

President Eisenhower made his farewell address in 1960 and warned America of?

the military industrial complex.

What did Washington warn his people in his farewell address?

In George Washington's farewell address, he warned U.S. citizens about two things: 1) not to create political parties and 2) not to get involved in European affairs.

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permanent foreign alliances, party system and i dnt no the third one

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Yes. He warned against keeping permanent foreign alliences.

What concern did President Eisenhower express in his farewell address?

That the military-industrial complex would become too powerful

What did George Washington's farewell address warn the United States congress to do?

His best known warning was to avoid foreign entanglements.

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against permant alliances with other countries and forming political parties

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nothing so look up on another web site

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