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Frasier and Marian Robinson

Frasier Robinson III & Marian [Shields] Robinson

Their names are Frasier Robinson III & Marian [Shields] Robinson.

Her father was Frasier Robinson III and he is deceased. Her mother is Marian Robinson, and she is still alive.

Michelle Obama's father was named Frasier Robinson Her mother was named Marian Robinson.Fraser Robinson III

According to Michelle's brother Craig (who wrote about it in his 2010 memoir (p. 6), Frasier Robinson and Marian Shields were introduced by mutual friends.

Fraser Robinson Sr. died 1936 and Fraser Robinson Jr.1991. Hope it helps.

Fraser Robinson III and Marian Shields Robinson

Fraser and Marian Robinson

Her father's name was Frasier Robinson.

Fraiser and Marian Robinson

Fraser and Marian Robinson

Marian Dolores Robinson has written: 'Creative personality in religious life. --' -- subject(s): Psychology, Religious, Monastic and religious life, Religious Psychology

Jackie Robinson is not living

No, only Michelle's father died. Her mother, Marian Robinson is still living, and is the only grandparent of Sasha and Malia Obama.

your butt arMarian RobinsonNatalie

Fraser and Marian Shields Robinson.

Jackie Robinson died when his daughter was 22

No, Michelle's late father, Frasier Robinson, was a city pump operator and a Democratic precinct captain.

Barack Obama-Michelle Obama-natasha Obama-Melina Obama-Marian Robinson

Michelle was born on January 17, 1964, to Marian and Fraser Robinson on Chicago's South Side

Marian Lois (Shields) Robinson is her mother's full name. She was born and raised in Chicago.

Marian Lois Shields Robinson (birth name Marian L. Shields, born July 30, 1937) is the mother of Michelle Obama and the mother-in-law of President Barack Obama.

Marian Robinson, Michelle's mom and the Obama daughters' grandmother, was born July 30, 1937.

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