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Galileo never dropped multiple objects of different masses off of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This bit of information was falsely stated by Vincenzo Viviani, Galileo's pupil, who wrote a biography about him, yet there was no reference to this experiment in Galileo's accounts. It is generally accepted that this was at the most a thought experiment that Galileo never performed.

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What did Galileo discover about gravity?

Galileo found out that gravity is a force

What did Galileo find out about gravity?


What did Galileo Galilei think about gravity?

i thought there waz gravity everwhere

What did Galileo have to do with gravity?

He figured out it was a type of force

Who discovered how gravity worked?

Galileo Galilei

Who was the scientist who did an experiment to prove gravity?


What did Galileo ideas have to do with law of gravity?


Did Galileo study gravity?

NO.Galileo did not study gravity he was the first to use the telescope.

In his famous experiment on gravity Galileo dropped objects from what famous landmark?

In his gravity experiment Galileo dropped objects form the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in Italy.

Did Galileo discover gravity?

yes he discovered that its a force

How did Galileo contribute to the scientific revolution?

He had the theory of gravity

What was the most important thing that Galileo Galilei did?


What year did Galileo discover the gravity theory?


Who discovered principle of gravity?

Aristotle and Galileo Galilie

Dealing with the topic of gravity who was the first person to develop a theory explaining why gravity works?


What did Galileo realize about motion?

Well, most people say Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity, but really he just expanded on Galileo's idea. Galileo discovered gravity.

Who first developed the correct ideas about the acceleration of gravity?


Why is Galileo historically important?

he was the one to discover the force of gravity.

Who first developed the correct ideas about the accelerating of gravity?


When did Galileo Discover Gravity?

it was Isaac newton Der's are you a stupid as my ars

Where did Galileo carry out his first experiment on gravity?

On the leaning tower of pisa.

Who came first in discovering gravity Galileo or Newton?

Galileo had the first idea, although Newton takes credit for it because of his perfection the matter.

How did Galileo Galilei discover astronomy and where did he discover it?

Galileo is famous for inventing the thermometer, perfecting the telescope, and for experimenting with gravity. No, galileo did not discover astronomy. But he sure did discover the four moons that revolve jupiter.

What did Galileo drop to make the law of gravity?

tomato from the leaning tower of pisa

What was the big coincidence between Isaac Newton and Galileo?

Issac Newton was a guy who made gravity and helped Galileo make gravity when he made the telescope I know you are a kid so tell me I have a nerd friend right next to me.

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