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Asa Akira's birth name is Asa Takigami.

The cast of The Reconstruction of Asa Carter - 2010 includes: Frederick Burger as himself Wayne Greenhaw as himself Dean Hutchins as Medicine Man Jeff Roche as himself Gary Sprayberry as himself

Asa Kubiak's birth name is Asa Sokol Kubiak.

Asa Sheldon has written: 'Life of Asa G. Sheldon'

Rin choses Asa because he loves her. He does not like seia or narine or kaidai. He concetered them all but he did not love them.

Asa Mitchell Butterfield is 4'7 Asa Bopp Farr Butterfield is 5'6"

ASA stands for American Society of Anesthesiologists

Jake t. Austin, Asa Butterfield, Hero Fiennes Tiffin

As of July 2014, the market cap for ASA Gold and Precious Metals Limited (ASA) is $281,102,400.00.

Asa Butterfield's birth name is Asa Maxwell Thornton Farr Butterfield.

There are too many possibilities for ASA

asa ur face hahahahahahha

Asa Martin died in 1979.

Asa Martin was born in 1900.

Asa Fitch was born in 1809.

Asa Fitch died in 1879.

Asa Higuchi was born in 1970.

Asa Whitney was born in 1797.

Asa Whitney died in 1872.

Asa Keyes was born in 1877.

Asa Keyes died in 1934.

Asa Lewis died in 1862.

Asa Liebmann is 6' 2".

Asa Shirakura was born in 1977.

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