What did George washagton do for a living?

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As a kid he was a apprentice, as he grew, he joined the army, and mostly started the french and indian war, but he grew older and wiser, he wrote some books until the Revolutionary war, they elected him to lead the Army, so he did and won a Victorious Victory, then everyone loved him/Appreciate him. Later he was the 1st president, then during 1812 Wars, he was elected commander of the army again, he was incredibly i tell you, he never got wounded, but suddenly got a sickness, and did bloodletting (A technique used in the early 14th century) and died of blood loss (Sad story), So anyways he was rich no matter what, Hope This Helps :)
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What did George Washington do for a living?

George Washington (1732-1799) was a landowner and officer in the Virginia militia in Colonial America and as a young soldier fought in the French and Indian Wars. He was a member of the US Continental Congress and became a great commander in the Revolutionary War. After the war he was elected as the ( Full Answer )

Where did King George III live?

King George III was born in London England on June 4, 1738, and lived primarily in Windsor Castle, where he died on January 29, 1820.

What century did George Handel live?

Handel-18th century. George Frederick Handel, composer of the Baroque Era - Born - 23rd of February, 1685 in Halle, Germany Died - 14th of April, 1759 in London, England Buried in Westminster Abbey, London Major works include - 47 Operas, 12 Concertos, 16 Oratorios. Genres - Italianate op ( Full Answer )

Where did George Hancock live?

George Hancock was born in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Aftergetting married, he and his wife lived in Fincastle, Virginia. Hewas a member of the US House of Representatives from the 5thdistrict in VA and served from 1793 to 1797. Towards the end of histerm, he moved to Montgomery County, near Ell ( Full Answer )

Where did George Seurat live his life?

He was born in Paris, France, and died there. In Paris, France. He lived in Paris. He lived in Paris. He lived in Paris, which is not a little village.

Where did St. George live?

It is believed that Saint George was born to a Christian noble family in Lod, Syria Palestine during the late third century between about 275 AD and 285 AD, and he died in Nicomedia.

Where did George McClellan live?

George McClellan was born and raised in Philadelphia. When hebecame a major general in the army, he traveled and lived all overthe US. He passed away in New York.

Where does George Sampson live?

Warrington, Chesire, England! =) Birchwood, Warrington,Cheshire, England =) Actually x 29 Clive Avenue, Chesire, Warrington, Birchwood,England P.S You were all wrong sorry That woul have been right, about 3 months ago, b4 he moved if you check his blog out on the George Sampson offic ( Full Answer )

Where did George Orwell live?

George Orwell spent his early childhood in India, later moved to England for schooling, and then spent some time in Burma. He then spent some time in Spain, but finally returned to England. .

Where does Curious George live at?

During the week he lives in the city in an apartment, and on the weekends he and the man in the yellow hat go to their country house out nearby Lake Wanna-Sink-Lake.

Where does Boy George live?

London, England. i think He lives in Hampstead, London, in England. he liuves in Spain ,canarie islands,peurto rico i met him a few days ago ,he has been living there for 3 years now

Does George Sampson live with rosie?

Yes, He lives with his older brother Luke, Rosie and his mom. :) she dosent no more cuuzz she lives in Manchester and george live in London.xx Geogre Sampson still lives in warrington and London as he has two house but most of the time he is in London. LOL. I LOVE GEORGE SAMPSON. From Georgesamp ( Full Answer )

Where did George Costanza live?

George Costanza is one of the main characters on the TV showSeinfeld. He sometimes lives with his parents, Estelle and FrankCostanza.

How did George Bush live?

He lived in the white house for 8 years now he moved back to Texas where he used to live.

Where does George W. Bush live?

Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, live in Austin, Texas, and on their ranch in Crawford, Texas.

What city did George Washington live in?

George Washington lived in New York city during his first term as president and then in Philadelphia during his second term as president. His main home was at Mt. Vernon which is not located in any city, but is a plantation house. When Washington was president Washington DC wasn't built and the Whit ( Full Answer )

Where does George de mestral live?

Swiss engineer George de Mestral is deceased. During his lifetimehe lived in Switzerland until he died on February 8, 1990.

Where in London does george Sampson live?

i think i heard he lives in covent garden now , i would really want to know and if anyone says gretton road its a fake i want to know where his studio is Hope i helped Brandon Shaughnessy ;)

Where does Curious George live?

Curious George is thought to live in New York but some say he is meant to be thought as down the road from me and things like that.

Where does George chakiris live?

Agent: c/o 12 D'Arblay St., LondonW1F 8DU, England.; Contact: 7266 Clinton St., Los Angeles, CA 90036. .

Where does george forman live?

In the Atlantic ocean he lives with a group of ear eating sharks its kinda ironic that he also eats ears ha ha ha ha ha you guys are losers i hope that u take this seriously cuz its true i looked it up on www.getalife.com He lives in Huffman,TX in a subdivision named The Commons.

Where did Georges Bizet live?

He lived a number of places during his life. The link below will give you a good overview of his life etc.

Did George Washington live in Washington?

Washington never lived in Washington DC because it didn't exist. The city of Washington DC was started/built after he became president and John Adams was the first president to live in the White House. When he moved in it wasn't finished and hung the laundry in the East Room. The principle residence ( Full Answer )

Where did George W McGill live?

The man who is credited with inventing the stapler was born in Ohio, lived in Washington DC, and then moved to New York; he had a summer home in Riverdale-on-Hudson (today part of the Bronx), and a residence in Manhattan.

Where do george and Laura bush live?

After the end of his Administration, the Bushes purchased a large home in a wealthy, older neighborhood of Northern Dallas. It is not far from the location where his Presidential Library and Museum is being built at Southern Methodist University (Laura's alma mater). In addition to this, they contin ( Full Answer )

Were does george Herman Ruth live?

He doesn't live anywhere but in the hearts of thousands of baseball fans. Ruth died of throat cancer in 1948.

What city does curious george live in?

The cover of "george in the big city" depicts the statue of liberty, so one would assume New York...however, the mueuseum in which Professor Wiseman works is very similar to the Field Museum in Chicago, down to the t-rex skeleton and whale hanging from the ceiling in the main hall. So, it could be e ( Full Answer )

How long did Saint George live?

He died about the year 304 and was probably between 20 and 30 years of age when he was killed. We do not know with any certainty.

What if George Patton had lived in 1950?

He probably would have been retired from the army, and not been in the Korean War. Patton graduated from West Point in 1909, and would have been in his early 60s. MacArthur was even older, but was a unique case.

Are George Harrison's brothers living?

George's brother Peter Harrison died of cancer on June 1, 2007. Hisbrother Harry apparently is still alive, as is a sister namedLouise, who has lived in Missouri for the past 50 years.

Where did King George 6th live?

One of the benefits of being King is you have access to several royal residences. However, he seemed to prefer living in Windsor. During WWII, the royal family would "live" in Buckingham Palace (in London) during the day, but spend the night at Windsor Castle.

What did George Orwell do for living?

George Orwell wrote books and this allowed him to live independently to a degree , he sold articles to the newspapers , he was employed by the Indian Imperial Police in Burma for a while , as a teacher , in a bookshop , (ironically) he worked in the British Censorship Department during WW2 but his m ( Full Answer )

Where all did George Washington live?

When he was not engaged in military missions or serving as president, he lived in Virginia , at first at his father's estate near Fredericksburg, VA and later at the estate he inherited from his brother , not very far from present-day Washington, DC.

How long did George Harrison live?

George Harrison was born in Liverpool, England on February 25, 1943. He died of cancer at the age of 58 on November 29, 2001 in Los Angeles.

Where does George Burns live?

George Burns (January 20, 1896 - March 9, 1996), born Nathan Birnbaum, grew up in New York City. His last home was in Beverly Hills, California. Currently he resides at the Forrest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. His crypt marker reads: "Gracie Allen & George Burns-Together Again."

Where did king george v live?

Great Britain. He lived in York Cottage at Sandringham House from 1893 to 1926, he also lived in Buckingham Palace, and spent some time at Bognor Regis, Sussex while he was ill in the 1930's.

Where did George Washington first live at?

He grew up in VA and after his father died he lived with his brother at Mt. Vernon . It is at Mt. Vernon that he lived the rest of his life and is buried there.