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What did Germans hope to achieve in the blitz?

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The Germans hoped to bomb Britain into suing for peace .

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What type of bombs were drop during the blitz?

what type of bombs were dropped in the Blitz by the Germans

What name did the Germans use for the lightning war?

The Blitz

Why was the blitz a turning point?

it was the first defeat for the germans

How can you use the word blitz in a sentence?

The Germans did a blitz on Great Britain during World War 2.

What were the Germans hoping to receive form the blitz?

Resources and land.

What was London blitz?

germans in planes dropping bombs on england

What bombs did Germans use in the blitz?

They used nuclear and atomic bombs.

What were the results of the blitz?

The result of the Blitz was a strategic failure on the part of the Germans. It lasted from September 7, 1940 until May 21, 1941.

What made the blitz finish?

The reason the blitz finished was because the Germans decided that they were bored and didn't want to bomb, as they got bad arms from it

What did Germans call there sudden massive attacks?

Blitz-Krieg or "lightning war".

Why was the blitz called the blitz?

It is called the 'blitz' because in German 'blitz' means lightning or very fast, and 'blitz krieg' effectifly translates in 'lightning campaign' or 'war like lightning'. When the Germans attacked the British it happened so fast and so hard it was like a bolt of lightning from a cloudless sky.

Who was responsible for the blitz?

Adolf Hitler was definitely responsible since he told the Germans to bomb London.

Why did Germans bomb civilians during the blitz?

To try and demoralize the civilian population.

In what year was the blitz?

The Blitz took place in 1940 to 1941 in England.The Blitz is short for German word 'Blitzkrieg' which means 'lightning war'hope this helps

How did the Blitz in World War 2 start?

it started because the Germans wanted to take over GB

What were the motives behind the London blitz?

The Germans were trying to obtain air superiority in order to invade England.

When was the blize in World War 2?

The blitz occurred in England when the Nazi Germans began dropping bombs on London in September 7th 1940 and it continued through May 10, 1941. After the Normandy Invasion the Germans began bombing again but that time period was not officially called the blitz.

What was it like for a person in the blitz?

Awesome see all the bombs drop and there mothers farting to hit the Germans back

What does the world blitz mean?

The word Blitz is the German word meaning lighting. The correct term for what many call the blitz is the Blitzkrieg, which means lighting war. The Blitzkreig is the war stratagy used by the Germans to invade enemy countries during World War 2

What was the impact from the London blitz?

The blitz generally didnt have a big impact. The Germans wanted to bomb England and they did, but they wanted us to back down, but we never did. They also wanted us to stop having food coming from other countries. We did still manage to get food and in the end make the Germans back down.

Is the blitzkrieg different to the blitz?

Blitzkrieg was an intense military campaign the Germans carried out in the beginning of WWII, and was intended to bring about a swift victory by overrunning the opposing forces. Blitz was the name given to the prolonged, intensive bombing of cities. Notably London and other major English cities during WWII by the Germans.

Why did they call the blitz the lightning war?

The Blitz and the lightning war are two different things.The Blitz is the continuous German bombings England suffered in 1940.The lightning war - (Blitzkreig) is the strategy used by Germans during WW2 to breakthough rapidly the ennemi's defense, based on armored tanks (Panzer).

Where did the blitz in World War 2?

the blitz (if british) was on alot of major cities which is destroyed could cripple the british fighting machine. alot of bombing was done on london, Hull (where im from) took alot of hits (as it was a fishing town) but it was never reported ove rthe radio as "Hull hit by the blitz" which would let the germans know they are hitting them... this was done by the germans, but the german 'blitzkrieg' was the same but to stop the german fighting machine.

Why did the Germans begin the blitz?

Because the Britsh just shot down their bomber planes in the day and so they started bombing in the night.

How did the Germans start getting bombs for the blitz?

They manufactured their own munitions - they had large factories dedicated to production of bombs, bullets etc.

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