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Q: What did God and his saints tell Joan of Arc to do?
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What did the voice of God tell Joan of Arc to do?

God, Along with His Saints, Told Joan to save France from the British.

What was Joan of Arc motivated by God to?

Joan of Arc was told by God to drive the English from France.

Why was Joan of Arc recognized as a saint?

Because she claimed that God Sent His Saints from Heaven, to Command her to save France from the English.

What was God's plan for Joan of Arc?

God's plan for St Joan of Arc was to chase the enemies of France from the land.

Who influenced Joan of Arc?

Inner voices, which were said to come from God influenced Joan of Arc. She believed that it was God who spoke to her.

Did god tell Joan of Arc to lead an army?

Yes! And she obeyed him, only at the age of sixteen.

What character trait was Joan of Arc and why?

Joan of Arc had a great passion for doing the will of God.

Why did God send Joan of Arc to deliver France from their enemies?

Nobody knows why God picked Joan of Arc to save France from the English.

What was Joan of Arc interested in?

joan of arc was interested in god and church and i think she is interested in saving france.

What did Joan of Arc believe in?

Joan of Arc believed that God wanted her to save her country by driving the English out of France.

Who spoke to Joan of Arc?

She claimed that God, St. Catherine, St. Margret, the Archangel Michael, along with many other saints and angels spoke to her in visions.

What was Joan of Arc profession?

Joan of Arc was a soldier and the supreme commander of the French army. She was also a devoted servant of God.

Did Joan of Arc say the pope commanded her to free France?

No. Joan of Arc said that God commanded her to free France.

Who did Joan of Arc value the most?


Did Joan of Arc ever deny God?

No, she never denied God.

Does God believe that magic is good because of Joan of Arc?

Nobody knows with any real clarity what God believes, but if God were to have any opinion on magic, Joan of Arc would be irrelevant to that belief. Joan of Arc, if she is to be believed, had acts of prophecy and communication with God. She did not perform magic or illusions are such terms are commonly understood. While it could be reasonable to conclude that God supported Joan of Arc's opinions if He communicated with her and supported her, since she did not perform magic or prohibit magic, her views and actions would not seem to evince any Divine opinion on the subject.

What influenced Joan of Arc?

I believe that Joan of Arc was influenced mainly by God, through the voices of St. Michael, St. Catherine and St. Margaret. God influenced Joan by giving her strength and guidence to lead her army into battle.

What were Saint Joan of Arc's attributes?

joan of arcs atrributes were leadership and that she was sent by god.

Why was Joan of Arc a martya?

Because she died for her God.

Why were the common soldiers willing to follow Joan of Arc?

The common soldiers followed Joan of Arc because they believed she was sent by God and would give them victory.

Why was Joan of Arc different to other women?

Joan of Arc was different from other women because she claimed to hear the voice of God. Also dressed as men.

Who came to Joan of Arc and told her she had to fight in the war?


How was Joan of Arc able to succeed in her goal?

by following god

What did Joan the arc say god told her to do?

Joan of Arc heard voices, and she identified them as being Catherine of Alexandria and the Archangel Michael. She was to save France and help the heir to the throne to be crowned. The voices said that God would be with her

Claimed to have been told by God to save France?

Joan of Arc