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According to The Bible the God in the first day of Genesis created the sky and the earth, the light and the darkness or day/ night.

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Q: What did God make first on earth?
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What is the first thing on earth?

The First Thing On Earth Is God

Who is the very first person on earth?

god was the first person on earth.

Did god make the earth or did it form by itself?

I heard that god did not make the earth and that astroids from space formed it together.

How did the first reptiles get on earth?

by god

Who was the first person on earth to be creative?

Homosapiens. They were the first "persons" on Earth.

How do you make earth in doodle god 2?

one of the first elements is earth. find it on the icon with a picture of a stone with moss under it.

Who invented god if god was the first person on earth?

no one

Who first came on earth?

personally i believe that the first people made were adam and eve but of course God probably walked on earth first and he did make other animals but its one of those

Who is the first person on earth and how was he or she created?

Adam was the first person on earth and he was created by god

Who were the first to live on earth?

Adam and Eve were the first people put on Earth, by God.

God created what first?

The heavens and the earth.

Who was the first god on earth?

Jesus Christ

How do you make earth on Doodle God?

You start out with it.

Did god actually make earth?

no it was chemicals in space that made earth

Who is the first god?

The simple answer to this question is God is the first and only true God.A:2The first God is the God of the first religion in history.

What did god make for Adam and Eve?

He had made a garden so then they would be able to live as the first humans on earth.

Why do you have life?

Some contributor opinions:Because God was the first person on earth and he wanted us to make our own choices.

Who make the heaven?

In Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament, it tells us the God created heaven and earth.

Who or what was the first thing on earth?

Unless you count God himself (Genesis 1:1- 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.... and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters.') the first thing on earth would be water... it was formless and empty, dark and there was no land. The next thing God did make was light, then the sky, and then dry land. After this, he made vegetation, so the first thing on the dry ground of earth would've been plant life.

How did god get on earth in the first place?

God did not 'get' on earth. He is everlasting. He always was, always is, and always will be. There is no other way to describe it.

Why there is no people saw god when he was creating the earth?

According to the bible, God made the Earth first, and the humans later.

How do you make a mushroom on Doodle God?

It will be earth+weeds=mushroom on Doodle God.

How do you make a dinosaur on Doodle God?

Egg + Earth make a dinosaur

How was the first man on earth formed?

god made him

Who is the first cereal killer on earth?

it wont god