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The Missouri Compromise of 1820

The Compromise of 1850

The American System

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Q: What did Henry Clay propose?
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Why did Henry Clay propose the American system?

why did Henry clay propose the American system

Who propose the Missouri Compromise?

Henry Clay

Did Henry Clay propose using the land acquired in the Mexican cessation to establish a free state?


What compromiose did Henry Clay propose for admiting Missouri to the union?

He proposed the Missouri Compromise of 1820.

Why did Henry Clay propose the Missouri Compromise?

Speaker of the House Henry Clay saw this as the best way to have an even amount of free and slave states. He wanted to avoid a serious conflict or a secession.

Why did Henry Clay propose what came to be known as the Compromise of 1850?

to avoid a civil war over the issue of slavery

Is Henry Clay single?

No, Henry Clay is not single.

Who was Cassius clay cousin of Henry Clay?

Cassius Clay was actually Henry Clay's Nephew

Who was Henry Clay the son of?

Henry Clay was the son of the Reverend John Clay and Elizabeth Hudson Clay.

What has the author Henry Clay Barnabee written?

Henry Clay Barnabee has written: 'Reminiscences of Henry Clay Barnabee'

What was the role of Henry Clay?

Henry Clay was the Speaker of the House.

What did Henry Clay die of?

Henry Clay died from tuberculosis

What was Henry clay's political philosophy?

what was Henry clay's philosophy

How did Henry clay died?

Henry Clay died at 75 of tuberculosis.

What was Henry Clay's compromise-?

Henry Clay's compromise was the Missouri Compromise.

How many children does Henry Clay have?

Henry Clay has 11 children

Does Henry Clay have children?

Yes, Henry Clay has 11 kids.

Does Henry Clay have kids?

Yes, Henry Clay has 11 kids.

How many kids does Henry Clay have?

Henry Clay has 11 children

When was Henry Clay born?

Henry Clay was born on April 12, 1777

Did Henry Clay do the Missouri compromise?

Yes Henry Clay did the Missouri compromise.

What is Henry Clay's birthday?

Henry Clay was born on April 12, 1777.

When did Henry Clay Whitney die?

Henry Clay Whitney died in 1905.

When was Henry Clay Whitney born?

Henry Clay Whitney was born in 1831.

When did Henry Clay Vedder die?

Henry Clay Vedder died in 1935.