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Actually. Hercules 3rd task was to capture the Cerynean [Sair-EE-nee-an] Hind, which was a very fast golden deer. It belonged to Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and of the moon. As a child, Artemis had captured four hinds, but this one had eluded her and escaped from northern Greece to the Cerynean hills not far from Tiryns. Because this deer belonged to an Olympic deity, Hercules did not want to harm it in any way. He chased it for an entire year to the ends of the earth and back again to its home in the Cerynean hills. When it collapsed from exhaustion, Hercules tied it up and put it across his back to bring back to Eurystheus. Along the way, Artemis stopped him and asked him why he had stolen her deer. When he related the story of his labors, she allowed him to proceed, providing no harm came to the animal. He conveyed this message to Eurystheus upon his return home. The king demanded that the hind be released so as not to incur the wrath of the goddess of the hunt.

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What wild animal has horns?

A stag has horns

Do Stag Beetles Bite?

stag beetles are the largest beetle in Britain. stag beetles get there name from the male deer "stag" because of there big horns, stag beetles are harmless, people think stag beetles can bite because there horns but they really are harmless.

What are the horns of a stag called?


Whats are the horns of a stag called?

give me money and i will tell you

What is a young stag called?

AnswerIs it a teenager??Or actually, it could be a fawn.....The horns of a stag is called antlers. The antlers of a stag falls in the winter and then grows again.

What is a deer with horns called?

A deer with antlers is called a buck or a stag.

What are some insects with claws?

Earwigs, stag beetles, and Hercules beetles have claws.

Is Artemis's golden stag a pet?

no it was jest a symbol

What bugs get attracted to palm trees on animal crossing city folk?

-cyclommatus - have gigantic jaw-things 8,000bells -golden stag - really shiny gold colour 12,000bells atlas beetle - fat black and have three horns 8,000bells elephant beetle - really big and a orange/peach colour 8,000bells hercules beetle - golden body, one big, brown horn 12,000bells goliath beetle - ruby and white 8,000bells

Fast running animal with branched horns four letters and starting letter s?


What farm animal has horns?

Many farm animals have horns. Those animals include: Cows Bulls Goats Rams Certain sheep Deer (a male is called a stag, the one with horns) Moose

Do golden stag beetles live in England?

yes some do

What is the name of the farm animal that has horns?

Many farm animals have horns. Those animals include: Cows Bulls Goats Rams Certain sheep Deer (a male is called a stag, the one with horns) Moose

Why was Artemis' symbol a stag?

Artemis's symbol was not a stag, it was a golden hind. There were only five Golden Hinds, a gift of Taygeta to Artemis; the most famous is the Cerynitian Hinds which Heracles borrowed unharmed for his Labor.

What is Artemis's main symbol?

Golden bow & arrows; Deer (stag or hind)

What are some symbols of Artemis?

Golden bow & arrows; Deer (stag or hind)

What is the rarest bug in Animal Crossing City Folk?

It is the golden stag. It lives on coconut trees.

Who is ceryneain hind?

also called Cerynitis, was an enormous hind sacred to Artemis, the chaste goddess of the hunt and moon. It had golden antlers like a stag and hooves of bronze or brass, and it was said that it could outrun an arrow in flight. The capture of the hind was one of The twelve labours of heracles.

What kind of bugs do you find at night in Animal Crossing?

You can find moths (if you are near a light), stag beetles, Hercules beetles, certain cicadas, and more rare beetles.

What is the meaning of the Portuguese word 'stag'?

Stag is not a portuguese word.

What was Hercules quest?

Demi gods an dheros were always un trouble. In the case of Hercules, he was driven mad by Hera (queen of the gods), The insane Hercules killed his son, daughter, and wife Megara.When je regained his sanity he wanted to atone for his actions. The Oracle of Delphi, Pythia, sent him to King Eurystheus for twelve years, performing whatever tasks the king might set him. This would atone for his actions and provide him with the gift of immortality.The twelve labours thatHercules did for the king were:Kill the Nemean lion and bring back its skinDestroy the Lernean hydraCapture alive the Erymanthian boarCapture alive the Ceryneian stagKill the Stymphalian birdsClean the Augean stables ***Bring the Cretan bull alive into PeloponnesusObtain the horses of DiomedesSteal the girdle of HippolytaHerd the cattle of GeryonObtain the apples of Hesperides.Capture Cerberus

How do you catch a rain stag?

Rain stags do not exist in Wild World. The only stag beetles that are available are the giant stag, stag beetle, and the rainbow stag. There isn't a such thing as a rain stag on Animal Crossing Wild World.

What is then gender of stag?

A stag - is a male deer !

What are the ten tasks that Hercules had to perform?

theyre were 12; slay the nemean lion slay the hydra get artemis's stag get a boar from crete clean Augean Stables drive away stymphalian birds get bull of king minos get the man eating mares of king diomedes get the girdle of hippolyta get the golden apples get the cattle of Geryon get cerberus from the underworld

What kind of animal is stag?

Stag is a male deer.

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