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What did Hitler believe in?


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He believed that Germany could be the strongest nation in the World... among other things...


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He claimed to believe in 'providence'.

This was not one of the beliefs that Hitler held.

Hitler thought that the German was the superior race.

I believe that Adolf Hitler is the author of his biography!

It depends on what you are asking. If you are asking whether Jews believe that Hitler was a real person who actually lived and died and performed the atrocities ascribed to him, then Yes, Jews believe in Hitler. If you are asking whether Hitler has any religious significance in Judaism, then No. If you are asking whether Jews support or venerate Hitler in any way, then No.

no they believe that hitler delivers them wealth..

Hitler learned that people will believe a big lie.

Adolf Hitler and every word he spewed from his hypocritical mouth.

No.Hitler did not support in any way the principles of Marxism. Hitler was strongly opposed to Marxism.

that Nazis were special

believe it or not he was Christian.

I believe it was in 1941...?

I believe that God had a plan for Hitler to become a great leader.... but Hitler abused his roll and destroyed God's great plan. I believe that Germany could have become a wonderful nation if Hitler had not completely messed it up.

He did go crazy but did not believe in the dead.

Nominally Hitler was a Roman Catholic but it is doubtful that he seriously believed in Christ. Hitler didn't have much love for the church anyway so most likely it can be said that he didn't believe in Christ.

He beleived they were the 'perfect race'

Because Hitler was an evil dictator. Hitler didn't believe in the Jews religen. The holocast refers to Hitler killing off the Jews.

Some people believe they wanted to assasinate Hitler to end the war. Hitler was responsible for many things others didn't believe in, so it's natural to want to end the problem at the source.

"We'll bomb them next." Not really. I do not believe there is a quote from Adolf Hitler regarding the Irish.

Hitler wanted to make a country with only the people he believe were part of a "perfect race"

*How, I believe. Hitler and his wife commited suicide when under attack from Soviet leaders and soldiers.

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