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What did Hitler call the Holocaust?

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I believe he called it "The Final Solution".

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Why did Hitler call the Holocaust the Final Solution?

because everybody will remember the holocaust

What did Hitler do for the holocust?

Adolph Hitler dreamed up the holocaust. Hitler planned the holocaust. Hitler supervised the holocaust.

The name given to the killing of jews by Hitler?

In English we call it 'The Holocaust'.

Why was Hitler right in conducting the Holocaust?

Hitler was NOT right in conducting the Holocaust.

Was Hitler the cause of the Holocaust?

Hitler wasn't the only cause of the Holocaust but he did play an great involvement of the Holocaust.

Who was the German leader of holocaust?

The Supreme commander was of course Hitler, but it would probably be more accurate to call Himmler the leader of the Holocaust.

Did Adolf Hitler launch the Holocaust?

yes, adolf Hitler launch the holocaust!!!

Why did Hitler affect the Holocuast?

Hitler didn't just affect the Holocaust, he was the Holocaust.

What happened to the Germans that worked for Hitler after the Holocaust?

no one worked for Hitler after the Holocaust, he was dead

Why did Adolf Hitler call it the Holocaust?

The Nazis called it the Final Solution of the Jewish Question. The word Holocaust wasn't widely used till about 1980.

Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust?

Yes the two are related since Adolf Hitler was the architect of the Holocaust.

What role did Adolf Hitler play in the Holocaust?

Hitler was the the dictator (boss) of Germany and was responsible for the Holocaust.

How long after Hitler died was the Holocaust?

Hitler was alive during the Holocaust and 'inspired' it. After all, he was responsible for it ...

Who was the creator of the Holocaust?

The creator of the Holocaust was Adolf Hitler.

Did Hitler know that the Holocaust was going to happen?

Not a single documentary claims that Hitler directly ordered the Holocaust.

Who ruled Germany during the holocaust besides Hitler?

Hitler was the sole ruler of Germany during the Holocaust.

Who was the leader of the Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler was the main leader of the Holocaust.

Who is responsible for causing the Holocaust?

Hitler. All in all, it was Hitler.

What did Adolf Hitler have to do with the beginning of the Holocaust?

uh, everything? he STARTED the holocaust... do you even know what the holocaust is?

How did Hitler try and keep the Holocaust a secret?

before you can answer that you need to know when Hitler was first aware that the Holocaust was happeneing, and that is not easy to answer.

Who made the Holocaust happen?

Adolf Hitler was behind the atrocities of the Holocaust.

What role did Hitler have in the Holocaust?

He was the leader of Germany and the one who masterminded the Holocaust.

Who committed the crime know as the Holocaust?

Hitler and the Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust.

How many salvs were killed in the holocaust?

Most of the victims were Slavs. Though Hitler liked to call Judaism a race, it was not, it is a religion, ethnically they were Slavs as were most of the Gentile victims of Hitler.

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