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Some he had tortured, some he allowed to be used for medical experiments, some were forced into inhuman levels of labor to the point that most died, the rest were just executed.

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Q: What did Hitler do to the prisoners he captured?
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How do Adolph Hitler captured?

He was not captured- he killed himself.

How many Soviets were captured during Operation Barbarossa?

3.35 Million Soviets were captured as Prisoners of War.

Who was captured in the Peloponnesian War?

Many prisoners on both sides.

What did Adolf Hitler do when Berlin was captured?

he committed a suicide when he found out that Berlin was captured

Did Hitler suicide or was he murdered?

Hitler committed suicide when he was going to be captured by the Russians.

How did Adolf Hitler get captured?

He didn't get captured. He knew that he was going to get captured so he killed himself before it happened.

Did Santa Anna release any prisoners after being captured?

Santa Anna only released a couple of hundred prisoners, because he had executed all of the other prisoners. (prisoners of the Mier expedition)

Who were Prisoners of war?

Prisoners of War or POWs are soldiers, civilians or any government officials captured in war by the attacking country.

Were there any prisoners taken at the battle of the bull run?

At the battle of First Bull Run the Confederates captured about 1,000 prisoners.

How did they capture Hitler?

He committed suicide and was not captured.

Who captured Hitler?

Nobody, he committed suicide.

What were soldiers called that were captured by the Nazi's?

P.O.W.'s or Prisoners of War

How many British soldiers were captured during the War of 1812?

Almost 40,000 were captured by American soldiers as prisoners of war.

Was Hitler captured?

no, he commited suicide in the fear of being captured, but the nazi party still lives on.

What was the first Allied country that was captured by Hitler?


Who were enslaved before the African?

prisoners of war such as warriors that got captured then were enslaved

How many Germans were captured in the battle of Leningrad?

Overall three million German prisoners of war were captured by soviet union but not sure about exact number of soldiers captured in battle of Leningrad.

How did arcita and palamon become Theseus's prisoners?

They were captured during battle because they were wounded.

What negative things did Napoleon do?

He often pillaged captured cities. He was known to kill prisoners.

Who were the people that were captured by Hitler?

they were the people that were deemed criminal or undesireable.

Was Hitler ever captured during World War 2?


Why Adolf Adolph Hitler sucide?

so he would not get captured

What countries were captured by Hitler?

Every country except Canada

Did all prisoner of wars get tattoos as a ID?

No, it is not legal to tattoo a prisoner of war (a captured soldier) forceably, the prisoners that were tattooed were the Jewish prisoners in the German concentration camps. These people were not prisoners of war (they were not soldiers).

Did the Aztec soldiers kill their enemies or take prisoners?

The Aztecs captured them and made them prisoners. The prisoners were then used as a sacrifices in the Aztecs many religious festivals. Some Aztec wars (Flower Wars) were waged for the specific purpose of getting prisoners for future sacrifice.