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What did Hitlers plan for defeating Britain rely on?


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Planes and fear.


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I believe it was Scotland, but don't rely on my answer because I am not sure.

More then a simple one idea, but a plan that is designed in stages. The first plan relies on the second plan and they both rely on the third. I actuality the plan is one, broken up into phases of three to have a successful result.

By 1960, the British government had decided that Britain should rely on a full time professional army and not be dependent on conscripts. The last National Servicemen was demobbed in 1963.

because before the revolution we as a nation saw that we can be our own country and not have to rely on britain for support so the colony leaders wanted everyone to realize that and fight to become independent from great britain

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The tea trade and production of tea played an important role in the British rule of India because since Tea was such an important commodity to Britain they needed to get it from either India or China. The tea trade, after all, was the main reason Britain began to rule over India to begin with. Britain no longer wanted to have to rely on China for their supply of tea. Britain began to look for alternatives to China. What they found was India. They were able to produce enough tea to be able to almost completely rely on India instead of China for their tea.

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