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What did Hoover do during the Great Depression?


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He set up the Reconstruction Finance Corp. to bring federal aid to hard pressed banks and businesses. Just as it seemed that this might work and that recovery was at hand, in the winter of 1932-33 the banking system in America went into a tailspin. On March 4, 1933, the American banking system ground to a complete halt.

* Finance public works programs


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Hoover was alive during the great depression. He was rich enough that it did not personally affect his way of life.

Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt were the presidents during the great depression.

President Herbert Hoover, the 31st President was in office during the great depression.

It's because he was the president during the onset of Great Depression.

Herbert Hoover was president during the great depression.

Hoovervilles were shanty towns built by homeless people during the Great Depression. They were named by President Hoover, who was blamed for much of the Great Depression.

President Hoover created pro labor policies during the Great Depression. The labor policies that were created froze wages and increased production.

Hoover did nothing to end the great depression.

Herbert Hoover was the 31st President of the United States serving from 1929-1933 and is often considered responsible for the great depression.

during the great depression and when herbert hoover was president

the Hoover administration created jobs

Herbert Hoover was President when the Great Depression began. Franklin Roosevelt was President when the Depression ended.

The Hoover adminstration did almost nothing to help the poor.

Herbert Hoover was president during the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt succeeded him to take the country out of the Depression.

Herbert Hoover I believe because he took no action toward the Great Depression.

Hoobert Hoover was in charge of forming jobs during the great depression. Jobs is one of the reason the Hoover dam was built

No war at all. he was the president during the Great depression.

President Hoover at the start, and then Franklin Roosevelt.

herbert hoover was the 31st president of the u.s., he served during he Great Depression (1929-1937). he was a mining engineer and an author herbert hoover was the 31st president of the u.s., he served during he Great Depression (1929-1937). he was a mining engineer and an author i dont know i want to know how meany dogs herbert hoover had

Herbert Hoover was the president when the stock market crashed in 1929 and that is usually considered the start of the great depression.

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