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What did James Buchanan do in the Civil War?

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He wasn't president during the Civil War, but his actions like enforcing the Dred Scott Decision played a big role in starting the Civil War.

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Is James Buchanan responsible for the civil war?

Buchanan didn't directly cause the war, but he failed to prevent it.

What is James Buchanan famous for?

James Buchanan was the 15th President of the United States. He was the last President before the American Civil War and tried to prevent it from happening.

What made James Buchanan the worst president?

didn't do anything to prevent the civil war

Why was James Buchanan called the worst us president?

His failure to do anything about the Civil War

Who saw the civil war beginning?

James Buchanan saw it beginning that's why he did not ran for a second term which makes Lincoln in line. So James Buchanan saw it.

Why did James Buchanan not fight in the civil war?

He was too old to fight. He was 71 years of age when the war began.

Who was the president before the American Civil War?

James Buchanan, the 15th President of the U.S., was the president before the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was president during the war.

Did James Buchanan start the civil war?

No, the first shots were fired about a month after he had stepped down as President.

What did president James Buchanan want as a president?

He wanted to preserve the federal union and prevent Civil War .

What were some of James Buchanan important events?

so of his important events are that he served immediately to the american civil war

Why was James Buchanan considered the worst president?

He failed to act on multiple opportunities to prevent the US Civil War.

James Buchanan accomplishments?

James Buchanan didn't have many accomplishments. I'm doing a project on the presidents and all he did was pretty much cause the Civil War. He was not the best president we've had. Then again, if we didn't have someone like him to cause the major conflict with slavery and the Civil War, then we wouldn't be where we are today.

Who was in control of congress before the civil war?

It was Democratic under the leadership of James Buchanan and Republican right before the start of the civil war under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln.

Did Buchanan start the Civil War?

No- The war started after he left office.

Was James Buchanan buried at the James Buchanan Cemetery?

President James Buchanan is buried at Woodward Hill Cemetery in Lancaster, PA . There is a James Buchanan Cemetery near Nashville. TN , which is named after a different James Buchanan.

Picture of James Buchanan?

picture of James Buchanan

What were James Buchanan's successes?

James Buchanan faughtin the in the war of 1812 - && He graduated from dickinson collegein 1809

Where was James Buchanan born?

James Buchanan was born in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.

Was James Buchanan Republican?

James Buchanan was a member of the Democratic Party.

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