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Q: What did James Buchanan say when he became president?
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What were James Madison's jobs before becoming president?

Well James Madison, before he became a president was a planter or say a farmer

What did Harry S. Truman say about James Buchanan?

That he farted

What does the Constitution say about the first lady?

The Constitution is silent about the matter. James Buchanan had no First Lady.

Was James Buchanan for or against slavery?

some people say he is, some say he isn't! so you have to make up your mind!

Is it true that James Buchanan had a monkey and a cow?

I just have a while guess but I would say...ummm...YES!

What are facts about James Madison?

James Madison was the shortest president. he was married no children he died of old age some say he was the fattest president

Who was the worst presindent?

Some say Buchanan

Who was the worst President of the US?

The US has had several bad presidents. James Buchanan was the president before the Civil War started. Ulysses Grant allowed a lot of corruption as president. Some say William Henry Harrison who caught a cold at his inauguration and died a month after taking office.

Who was the last president who could say he knew all the presidents before him?

Any president could say that. I assume you're asking who was the last president of the United States who could truthfully say that.The first former president to die was George Washington, who died in 1799.The last president to be born before that, and who could at least potentially have known Washington, was James Buchanan, who was born in 1791.As far as I know, Buchanan did not actually knowWashington. The last President that I'm reasonably certain knew Washington personally was John Quincy Adams, son of founding father (and former president himself) John Adams, though it's at least potentially true of all presidents before Buchanan except for Pierce and Fillmore, both of whom had not yet been born when Washington died... though a couple others are questionable; Polk, for example, was only 4 in 1799.

How did Woodrow Wilson become famous?

I'm going to say he became famous by becoming president of Princeton University and then became governor of New Jersey then he eventually became president of the United States. Hope this helps.

Did James Buchanan have any pets?

You must be thinking of another president. All the sources I've researched say he had a herd of elephants given him by the King of Siam; Congress did not request that he donate them to a Zoo. He had a pair of Bald Eagles and a Newfoundland dog named Lara.

Who was the worst US president in US history?

it is hard to say who the worst president is but here is the list of the bottom enntries James Buchanan Andrew Johnson Franklin Pierce Warren G. Harding Millard Fillmore George W Bush Herbert Hoover Martin Van Buren Zachary Taylor John Tyler

What did Gatsby say Daisy Buchanan's voice was full of?


How did the term first lady come about?

The term "first lady" goes back to President James Buchanan....15th president. He was not married, some say he was gay. He had his niece move into the White House to handle all his "social affairs". The people who worked at the White House didn't know how to address they coined the phrase "first lady".

How did Calvin Coolidge gain national fame prior to becoming president?

Coolidge was , of course, the vice-president just before he became President. He had been governor of Massachusetts and was active as a leader in the national Republican Party. I would not say that he was nationally known until after he became the President.

Which President had the greatest beard?

I would say that it is a tie between Rutherford Hayes and James Garfield.

What did some people say they would do if Abraham became president?

The people said that they would break away from the union

Was Ulysses S. Grant the last reconstruction president?

Yes. Most say that reconstruction ended in 1877 when Grant left office and Hayes became President.

First appointed vice president to become president?

Gerald Ford was appointed vice-president by Nixon when Agnew resigned and was duly confirmed by the Senate. He became president when Nixon also resigned, so I suppose you could say he was an appointed president.

President committed to national expansion?

James K. Polk..... u could also say James Polk if your doing a crossword puzzle. hope this helps :)

What would Barack Obama's friends say about him?

They would undoubtedly say that he is very loyal to his friends, many of whom have known him for several decades. The fact that he became president did not affect their friendship-- in other words, he did not drop them when he became famous.

When was the president in 1776?

1776. However, there was no United States president per say as the United States constitution would not be written and enacted until 1789 when George Washington became the first President of the United States.

Who that was famous became a president of the US?

Being "famous" isn't an absolute requirement for becoming President of the US, but it's safe to say that everyone so far who has become President has been at least fairly well-known prior.Possibly the least famous person who eventually became president was James K. Polk. When his opponent in the General Election (Henry Clay) heard who he would be running against, he asked "Who is James K. Polk?" (He wasn't really all THAT obscure; he had, after all, been Governor of Tennessee, but it is true that he had gone to the nominating convention hoping to be nominated for Vice-President, as he knew that he wasn't considered one of the front-runners for the Presidential nomination.)

Should you capitalize president?

If you say, "a president." Then you do not capitalize. If you say, "President Obama." Then you capitalize.

What is James Madison known for?

James Madison was America's fourth president, but before that, he had a distinguished career as a legislator and a statesman. Before he was elected president, he helped to frame the Virginia state Constitution, served in the Continental Congress, and was a leader in the Virginia Assembly. He was a strong advocate for the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. While serving in Congress, he was a major contributor to (and some sources say he wrote) what became the Bill of Rights. He also served as Secretary of State under President Thomas Jefferson, during which he supervised the Louisiana Purchase.