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Hideki Tojo was the highest-ranked Japanese official executed for war crimes in World War II. There are photographs of the general and wartime Prime Minister at the related links.

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Q: What did Japan's Tojo look like?
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Who was Leader of japans military government?

Hideki Tojo.

Who was japans general during World War II?

General Tojo

Who was Japans president in 1942?

The Emperor was Hirohito and the prime minister was GEN Tojo.

Who was japans president in world war 2?

Emperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Tojo

Who was Japans political leader during World War 2?

The Prime Minister was Hideki Tojo.The Emperor ruled under the advice of GEN Tojo.

Two axis powers in World War 2?

Germany Italy & Japan. Germany has Hitler. The Italian Duce is Mussolini. Japans military leader is General Tojo.

Who did hideki tojo look up to?

his father

What human rights did hideki tojo take away?

nicolene like smelling your bumm in the dark so look out she is coming for ya !

What was Hideki Tojo's childhood like?


Who was japans controller during World War 2?

Emperor Hirohito. He was the head of state, but governments were led by various Prime Ministers. The last one was Hideki Tojo. See

Who was japans ruler during World War 2?

Emperor Showa (also known as Hirohito) was the ruler of Japan; but he had little actual power.The actual government was run by Prime Minister Hideki Tojo.

What was Tojo's childhood like?


What was life like for the Japanese people living under Hideki Tojo?

Hideki Tojo died because he wanted too.

Who was Hideki Tojo's parents?

hideki tojo's father was hidenori tojo

What does the japans flag look like?

It's white with a red circle. Go to Google images and type in the words, "Japanese flag" or "flag of Japan" and you should have plenty of pictures.

What is japans food like?

It is mostly raw fish and has a lot of flavor

What was Tojo's mom name?

Marry was the name of Tojo

What did tojo believe in?

Hideki Tojo believed in communism

When was Tojo born?

Koshun Tojo was born in 1980.

How big was Japans air fleet?

Like, really big. It was intense. <3

Why did japans leaders like baseball?

it contained elements that were already part of japanese culture

What is Japans national bird?

the Blue Crane is Japans National Bird.

What is Japans natural resource?

People are Japans greatest natural resource.

What are some vocbaurlary of mt fuji?

japans house- the japans house!

What were Hideki Tojo's hobbies?

See website: General Tojo