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What did Japan's Tojo look like?


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Hideki Tojo was the highest-ranked Japanese official executed for war crimes in World War II. There are photographs of the general and wartime Prime Minister at the related links.

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The Emperor was Hirohito and the prime minister was GEN Tojo.

Emperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Tojo

The Prime Minister was Hideki Tojo.The Emperor ruled under the advice of GEN Tojo.

Germany Italy & Japan. Germany has Hitler. The Italian Duce is Mussolini. Japans military leader is General Tojo.

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Emperor Showa (also known as Hirohito) was the ruler of Japan; but he had little actual power.The actual government was run by Prime Minister Hideki Tojo.

Emperor Hirohito. He was the head of state, but governments were led by various Prime Ministers. The last one was Hideki Tojo. See

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Hideki Tojo was the Prime Minister of Japan in WW2 .

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