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What did Jews do?

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Hitler had a pure hate of Jewish people because he thought their blood was un-pure.

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What did fascists and communists both advocate?

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What did people think about Shakespearean Jews?

People think they are Jews of course dummy JEWS JEWS JEWS

What do Jews call non-Jews?

Non-Jews are called: Gentiles, non-Jews, Goyim (in Hebrew) and that's about it.

List five of hitler's holocaust targets?

1. Jews 2. Jews 3. Jews 4. Jews 5. Jews

What are the three major types of Jews?

Liberal jews, Orthodox jews, non religious Jews.

Where did Jews worship originally?

Orthodox Jews worship in a shul,Conservative jews in a synagogue,Reformed Jews in a temple,Messianic Jews in a synagogue,Christian jews in a Christian Church

Germans and Jews the same?

No. Not all Germans are Jews and not all Jews are German. But there are German Jews, as well as Jews with many other nationalities.

What do you call the traditional Jews?

Orthodox Jews or Torah Jews.

What is the difference between hasidic Jews and orthodox Jews?

Hasidic Jews are a type of strictly Orthodox Jews.

What kind of sacraments do Jews have?

Jews do not have sacraments; Jews have mitzvot/commandments.

Is Jews christans?

No. The first Christians were Jews, but Jews were never Christians.

Are black Jews similar to white Jews?

they are both jewish but black jews are black and white jews are white.

What is the difference between Orthodox Jews and Christian Jews?

1) Orthodox Jews are Jews who believe in the Torah and keep its laws. 2) According to the concensus of Jews in general, Christian Jews are Christians, not Jews. Accepting Jesus is something that defines one as not Jewish.

What are some Jewish ethnic groups?

Ashkenazis, or German Jews. They are found in Germanic and Slavic countries, and have origins in Germany. They are also found in France, as well as in the Jewish diaspora (United States, Australia, etc.). They are the largest Jewish people in Israel, as well as the largest in the world! Saphardis, or Spanish Jews. These Jews are found in Spain, Portugal, France and North Africa. Many were persecuted in Spain and left to the north (France) and the south (North Africa). They are the second largest Jewish group, in both Israel and the world. Mizrahis, or Middle Eastern Jews. They are found in the Middle East and North Africa. A subgroup of this group are the Yemenite Jews. They are the third largest Jewish group, and sometimes seen as the "purest" (most Jewish). This is due to the fact that Jews around the world look very similar to the majority non-Jewish ethnic group in the same country. Two other subgroups that are based on linguistic/cultural background are the Arab Jews, Kurdish Jews, Persian Jews and Berber Jews. Those are the three largest groups. There are smaller groups of European Jews, African Jews, Indian Jews and Chinese Jews, including: Bene Roma (Italian Jews) - not the only Jews in Italy, there are also Ashkenazi/Saphardi Italians. Romaniotes (Greek Jews) Indian Jews - Cochin Jews (Malayali Jews), Bene Israel (Marathi Jews), Baghdadi Jews (Arab/Marathi Jews), Bnei Menashe (Mizo and Kuki Jews) and finally Bene Ephraim, or Telugu Jews. Kaifeng Jews (Chinese Jews) Georgian Jews Armenian Jews Mountain Jews (Azeri and Dagestani Jews) Bukhari Jews Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews)

What is 3.14 times 729?

729 (jews) 729 (jews) 729 ( jews)

Were German citizens treated then same way as the Jews were?

People who were not Jews were treated differently than the Jews in Nazi Germany. Some of the Jews were German citizens but they were treated as Jews.

Were the Bolsheviks Jews?

A disproportionate number of Bolsheviks were Jews (when compared to the Russian population as a whole), but the majority of Bolsheviks were not Jews. Additionally, those Bolsheviks who were Jews, were predominantly non-religious Jews or Jews exclusively by ethnicity.

How did the Germans treat the Jews who were not classified as Jews?

It is not clear what you mean by 'Jews who were not classified as Jews'. Within Germany Jews were classified as:Full Jews (three or four Jewish grandparents)Half Jews (two Jewish grandparents)Quarter Jews (one Jewish grandparent)Everyone else was in the clear unless they wanted to join the SS.

What is the percentage of black Jews to white Jews in the world?

There are around 150,000 Ethiopian Jews, compared with 14 million Jews total. This makes Black Jews 1.1% of all Jews, since non-Ethiopian Black Jews are incidental thousands. Tribes such as the Lemba which do not engage in Jewish practices are not counted; and the Black Israelite Churches like COGASOC are not considered Jews. It is unclear what a "White Jew" is. If you are strictly talking about Ashkenazim, they make up roughly 10.5 million Jews which is 75.0% of all Jews. The remaining 23+% is made up of Mizrahim, Romaniotes, Bukharian Jews, Chinese Jews, Indian Jews, and other "exotic Jews."

What do Jews have to go to Jews registration?

Jews who decide to live in Israel have officials take information about them, and there were lost tribes of Ethiopian Jews who needed to undergo special conversions to be recognized as Jews.

Why are American Jews Democrats?

Not all American Jews Democrats, there are also Jews that are Republican.

Do Christians reject Jews?

No, Christians do not reject Jews. However, Jews reject Christians.

Did hitler hate Jews because Jews killed his mother?

No, and Jews did not kill his mother.

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