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That depends on the countries and on whether the Jews were orthodox or Reform. In Germany, for example, the majority of Jews were NOT orthodox and dressed very inconspicuously - as in many other countries.


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In Germany in the 1930s, Jews had to wear badges that identified them as Jews. Many of them were segregated from the rest of society in ghettoes.

The religion of Jews is Judaism.

Jews are followers of the religion of Judaism.

Jews follow the religion of Judaism.

High unemployment. (It was the 1930s).Antisemitism.

By definition, the only religion of the Jews is the Jewish religion, Judaism.

the only Jews that were removed in the 30s were those that were arrested.

Most of the immigrant Jews in the early 1930s were from Poland.

From the spring of 1933 onwards.

Judaism is the religion in Judaism. It is the religion of the Jews.

It is the religion of the Jews.

The Jews are an ethnic group defined by their religion. The religion of Jews is Judaism. However, in Israel and many western countries, there are increasing numbers of people who identify as Jews but who do not practice Judaism. They are called Secular Jews and many would dispute the proposal that Jews are defined by their religion.

Jews are a culture derived from an ancient religion. Many Jews aren't religious but are still part of a culture that identifies themselves as Jews.

Judaism is the religion of Jewish people, or Jews. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Judaism is the religion of Jewish people, or Jews. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Hebrew (or Israelite) religion is called Judaism, religion of the Jews.

Jews have only one religion and that is Judaism.

Judaism is now a religion with various adherents, but at one point the Jews were a single people with their own language and culture (much of which survives in certain groups today). a Jew is a person not a religion. Judaism is a religion. Jews are a group of people that belong to the Judaism religion

Jews, by definition, are the followers of Judaism.

Yes, Jews are followers of Judaism.

If they do, they become Apostate Jews.

Jews practice their religion in a mosque.

As far as the Jews were concerned the focus was on ethnicity (race), not religion. Jews who had converted to Christianity were persecuted in the same way as religious Jews.

It depends on who you ask. As Judaism is a tribal religion, Jews will say that Judaism is more right, but is designed for Jews. Islam is a perfectly acceptable religion for non-Jews. As Islam is a universalizing religion, Muslims will say that Islam is correct without qualification.

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