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She was said to be short, stocky, sunbrowned, with dark eyes, a red birthmark behind her left ear, and a light feminine voice. Her black hair was bobbed short.

In the "Procès de Réhabilitation" (the notes of her trial) she is described as a short, sturdy woman, with black hair. She wore man's clothes. Her hair had been cut short all around, just like a man's. Portraits of her are not available, the only one she sat for is missing. Other pictures show her with long black or light brown hair ,this may have been the artist's best guess.

According to Jean D'Aulon, Joan of Arc's steward, who often helped her to get in and out of her suit of armor and slept many times in the same room as Joan, described her as being beautiful, strong, and well-formed (shapely). The Duke D'Alencon, one of Joan's military commanders, described her in the same way. D'Aulon stated that he often saw Joan's naked legs and breasts when he had to dress her wounds in battle. He said he never felt lust for Joan, pretty as she was, because he thought it would be shameful to have such feelings for such an inspiring and religious person. Every description of Joan's hair was that it was short and black. Her eyes were described as "large, dark, and grave".

Adrian Harmand, a French scholar, discovered an order by the Duke of Orleans for several articles of clothing for Joan, of which one was a robe "of fine Brussels cloth" of 80 cm. in length. From this (a robe would go from Joan's shoulders to her knees), he determined Joan's height to be 1.58 meters, or about 5 feet, two inches, which would be short for a woman today but for the latter Middle Ages about normal or even a little above average.

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Q: What did Joan of Arc look like?
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