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When did John Napier invent logarithms?

In 1614, John Napier published his invention of logarithms.

Did john napier invent th calculator?

inh 1029

Why did John Napier invent the Napier's bones?

To have a type of abacus to use.

What year did John Napier invent the decimal point?

In B.C. 140

Where did John Napier live?

John Napier was born, lived, and died in Edinburgh, Scotland. Napier is most famous for being the one to invent logarithms. He attended school at the University of St. Andrews.

Where did John Napier invent the Napier bones?

Napier's Bones, a system similar to an abacus which assists in the calculation of products and quotients, and also referred to as Rabdology, was first mentioned as a new invention by Napier in 1617 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

When was John Napier Burnett born?

John Napier Burnett was born in 1899.

When did John Napier Burnett die?

John Napier Burnett died in 1989.

What year did john napier invented the napier's bone?

in 1614 john Napier invented logarithms and a device called NAPIER,s bones

What mathematics was for Napier?

John Napier was famous for his work with logarithms.

What did John Napier discover and when?

John Napier discovered Jupiter when he was three years old! Lol

When Did John Napier Mary Agnes Chisholm?

1572 john Napier marries Agnes Chisholm

What is John Napier Turner's birthday?

John Napier Turner was born on June 7, 1929.

When was John Napier Turner born?

John Napier Turner was born on June 7, 1929.

When was John Light Napier born?

John Light Napier was born on 1947-05-16.

When was John Napier - primatologist - born?

John Napier - primatologist - was born in 1917.

What did John Napier make?

logarithmic device called as napier bones

What month did Napier john born?

The exact birth month of John Napier is uncertain because it happened in 1550.

When did John Napier - primatologist - die?

John Napier - primatologist - died on 1987-08-29.

What was John Napier best known for?

John Napier is best known for discovering logarithms. He also invented Napier's bones. John Napier was a famous Mathematician that was born in 1550 and passed away in 1617.

How old is John Napier Turner?

John Napier Turner is 86 years old (birthdate: June 7, 1929).

What awards did John Napier receive?

John Napier did not receive any at all. He is simply nowadays noted as the creator of logarithms.

Inventor of logarithms?

John Napier!!

What jobs did John Napier have?


How did john napier die?