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John Quincy Adams

What did John Quincy Adams do in 1804?

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2011-09-13 23:45:31

he wrote an anti-Paine paper, was minister 3 times, helped

negotiate the treaty of ghent, led the fight to force congress to

receive antislavery petitions and fathered the smithsonian

institutions. he developed the American system-had a high tariff to

support roadbuilding, banks, canals, national universitys and an

astromical observatory.

-proposed the extension of the cumberland road into Ohio, made

the beginning of the chesapeake and Ohio canal, proposed the

construction of the Delaware and chesapeake canal, portland to

louisville canal around the falls of Ohio. made the connection of

the great lakes to the Ohio river system and proposed the

enlargement and rebuilding of the dismal swamp canal.

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