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John Quincy Adams

What did John Quincy Adams propose as a US Constitutional amendment?


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John Quincy Adams prohibited slavery in any new state to join the Union. :)

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He proposed that further enslavement would stop or lessen as the years go by or to completely get rid of enslavement all together and not worry about it.

Knowing that the country would not agree on abolishing slavery altogether, Adams proposed a constitutional amendment saying that no one could be born into slavery after 1845.

The President can not change the US Constitution. He can not propose amendments not does he approve or disprove proposals for amendments. (He could come out for or against a proposed amendment, but it would only be an opinion.) Not amendment were ratified or proposed by Congress while Adams was in office.

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John Quincy Adams played no role in the convention. He was only 19 and finishing up his degree at Harvard when the convention began. His father would have been a delegate but was in Europe as minister to England.

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