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Merits of Marx's Work This is a question that obviously can't be answered definitively. Due to the philosophical and political nature of his works, the merit can be debated. That said, there is some (more or less) general consensus at least among 'Western' society. The economic adaptation of Marx's work, as seen in the USSR is generally seen as negative. The laws of motion, on which his entire notion of economy is based, is generally regarded as logically flawed, and Marx's predictions of an impending revolution of the workers has never occured and is showing no signs of doing so in the future. Increased mechanization has in fact improved the overall standard of living instead of leading to a large "reserve army of the unemployed".
These criticisms notwithstanding, Marx's work should not be entirely disregarded. Even though the increasing use of machines as form of labor have not led to the massive social upheaval Marx predicted, the phenomenon of technological unemployment is very real. Shortcomings in the provision of public goods, economic inequality, and the increasing concentration of wealth were all issues Marx did well to address. Even if one does not agree with Marx's vision of how to allay these socio-economic problems, one should be wary not to wholeheartedly embrace capitalism as though there were a binary decision between choosing a capitalist or a Marxist Socialist system.

So in a nutshell, even though Marx does not seem to have been right in all his predictions of the downfall of capitalism due to its perceived internal flaw, his criticisms were valid. He correctly identified issues such as business cycles and technological unemployment, and putting them in the spotlight and creating a reason for debate can be seen as a service to society. By challenging capitalism, Marx led many a capitalist to rethink the system and gave them incentive to improve it, even if only to counter the communist threat.
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Who was Karl Marx?

Karl Heinrich Marx (1818-1883) was a Prussian-German philosopherand revolutionary socialist. He established the basis of Communistideology. His ideas played a significant role in the establishmentof the social sciences and the development of the socialistmovement. One of his best known ideas is the ( Full Answer )

What influence does Karl Marx have on American society?

Karl marx believe that social change through class conflict was needed to improve society. His view was divided into two main classes; capitalists and the working class. The capitalists were also known as the Bourgeoisie, and owned the working class who were called the Proletariat. Karl marx is best ( Full Answer )

What theories of society did Karl Marx help create?

Though traitors flinch & cowards sneer..... Marx has flaws which capitalism exploits, why should it not? But if you are prepared to be objective, which the first respondant probably is unable to be..... then the idea of government of, for & by the people as in Lincoln's speech, yes, that Lincoln, ma ( Full Answer )

Did Karl Marx argued that society should have a centrally planned economy?

To put it simply, no. The Communist Mannifesto and personal writings do not seem to argue that society should have a centrally planned economy. Actually, the closest thing that he discusses about this subject is with guilds. A guild is an organisation of professional individuals; carpenters, shoe ( Full Answer )

How does Karl Marx view society?

Karl Marx believed that society was defined by a class strugglebetween the ruling class and the working class. Marx believed theworking class would revolt and form a classless society.

What did Karl Marx think of property?

Marx felt that property, or the private ownership of property, was the greatest evil of the capitalist system. For capitalism to be abolished the concept of private ownership of property had to be abolished.

Was Karl Marx German or Russian?

Karl Marx was born on May 5, 1818. in Trier, Prussia which is now Germany. The town of Trier is near the German border with Luxembourg.

According to Karl Marx what is sociology?

According to Karl Marx sociology is the study of how people behavein a group. He felt that the adaptation of socialism was necessaryto supply people with things they need instead of desire.

What did Karl Marx believe in?

He belived that a communism style government ( he made up communism) would put Europe back on track after the war. Many people diagreed because they didn't have enough freedom, but after years the communsm government was over thrown and the people had the freedom to choose what goods to make, how to ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of Karl Marx on your economy?

Opinion Karl Marx has both directly and indirectly been a tremendous burdenon my economy and on the world economy as a whole. This is veryimportant because of the wide respect given to this man and his"economic strategies". Karl Marx is taught and discussed to greatextent in history and political sc ( Full Answer )

What is Karl Marx know for?

Karl Marx is best known not as a philosopher but as a revolutionary communist, whose works inspired the foundation of many communist regimes in the twentieth century.

Why did Karl Marx choose communism?

Marx did not choose communism. The political and economical methods to create a world where there was no exploitation of any anyone he called communism. Marx gave his reasons why his system (communism) would benefit mankind and the environment necessary for the process to communism to press forward. ( Full Answer )

What did Karl Marx invent?

Communism. This new government regime eventually fell in 1989 with the 'Fall of Communism'. There are many communist countries to this day - e.g. China, Laos, North Korea (!), Vietnam and China. Here is a link to the 'Fall of Communism' section: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutions_of_198

Did Karl Marx begin Communism?

No he did not begin communism. Communism existed in tribal communities where the community was small and tribal like. The tribe worked together and no one member owned any piece of land the tribe happened to be living on at the time. Marx simply theorized that communism worldwide was an inevitabl ( Full Answer )

Was Karl Marx an economic determinist?

No. His philosophy was very complicated and encompassed a great range of things from human experience that many find difficult to understand and so they often make the mistake of thinking he was deterministic. He often said that economics was the most powerful force there was but very few things cou ( Full Answer )

What did Karl Marx say about religion?

Marx believed that religion was the opium of the people, meaning that it was imposed upon the common person to control him. He believed there was no such thing as a God or gods. Some things Marx said about religion: On religion's lack of rationality: Religion is ". . .a complete negation of a ( Full Answer )

What is the name of Karl Marx book?

If you mean about class struggle then it will be this one The Communist Manifesto , which was written with Frederick Engels.

How did Karl Marx think an egalitarian society was possible?

\n Egalitarianism is a trend of thought in political philosophy. An egalitarian favors equality of some sort: People should get the same, or be treated the same, or be treated as equals, in some respect. Egalitarian doctrines tend to express the idea that all human persons are equal in fundamental ( Full Answer )

How did Karl Marx describe society?

Karl Marx felt that society was the struggle between one class of people against another. In "The Communist Manifesto" he states that the nature of all recorded history is one of class struggle depending on the means of production of each society at different times in history. In present times it ( Full Answer )

How did Lenin and Stalins new socialist order differ from the society envisioned by Karl marx?

In oversimplified terms: As to Lenin: Marx believed that the economic systems in place at a given moment in history determined the societal and political systems of those times. Marx believed industrialism created the capitalist system. Lenin believed the opposite. He believed that the political sy ( Full Answer )

According to Karl Marx what two groups was society divided into during the Industrial Revolution?

The bourgeoisie and the proletariat The well-to-do and the poor. The two classes, bourgeoisie and proletariat, do not correspond to the well to do and the poor as social classes, according to Karl Marx. The bourgeoisie are the owners and controllers of the means of production of materials. These ( Full Answer )

Does Karl Marx theory create a society which all people are equal?

In theory yes. The people own the means of production. The people are essentially equal and all work for the benefit of the State, the State is the be all and end all of why the people exist. The practice is, of course, nothing of the kind, it never has been & it never will be: It simply flies in th ( Full Answer )

Karl Marx called for a classless society?

Karl Marx is an intellectual who is credited as one of the foundersof the subject of sociology. He used sociology as a form ofcriticism of society and called for a classless society.

How did Karl Marx define the society?

society is a group of people with different group, ethnic, culture, language, life style but though, they are bounded with each other.

How did Karl Marx help society?

He didn't. Marx opened the eyes of many people who were being exploited without truly even knowing about it. Many people felt their impoverished lives were merely their lot in life, but Marx made many people understand that society was a struggle of one class (bourgeoisie) against another (proleta ( Full Answer )

Was Karl Marx a racist?

Note: this question calls for opinions, and here are some from our contributors. It should be noted that the term "racist" was not in common use when Marx lived. Some sources do acknowledge that he displayed certain prejudices, and those prejudices can be seen in some of his writings. what our co ( Full Answer )

Was Karl Marx known as a Illuminati?

No, Karl Marx (1818-1883) is known for his social philosophy, known as Marxism, and outlining social theories that form the economic model of communism. Marx published and lectured on his philosophy throughout his lifetime. Karl Marx was born 33 years after the Illuminati had ceased to exist. The ( Full Answer )

Who is Karl Marx and what economic system did Karl Marx support and why?

Karl Marx was a German philosopher and political economist who lived in the 19th century. He published several books; the most famous being The Communist Manifesto. In it he went over class struggle and the fundamental problems of capitalism as well as outlining communism and what communists hope ( Full Answer )

Why did Karl Marx go to France?

Marx went to France because his newspaper editorials and other writings were radically revolutionary. The repressive Prussian police and government felt he was being disruptive and wanted to stop him from continuing to stir up trouble. Marx knew eventually the government would find some way to arres ( Full Answer )

Was Karl Marx a dictator?

No, Marx was never in any position of political or governmental power. He was a philosopher only.

Talambuhay ni marx Karl?

Talambuhay ni Karl Marx ni V. I. Lenin mula sa Tomo 21 ng Collected Works ni Lenin isinalin mula sa Ingles ni Greg Bituin Jr. Ipinanganak si Karl Marx noong Mayo 5, 1818 (ng bagong kalendaryo), sa lungsod ng Trier (sa Rhenish Prussia). Ang kanyang ama'y isang manananggol, isang Hudyo, na yumak ( Full Answer )

How Karl Marx help the society in educational way?

To begin with, Karl Marx was the founder of marxism. Marxism is a stepping stone of Communism. Karl Marx helped many people realize that Marxism and other forms of Communism do not work in society. I am not saying that what he did was good, but it was a lesson learned for the world's society.

Did Karl Marx have siblings?

No one knows. I think he had one sibling, a brother. But I do not know any more than that.

How did Karl Marx view the economy?

Karl Marx viewed the economy as exploitation of the common laborer. In response, he created the Communist Manifesto which advocated for a government to allocate resources to meet economic needs equally.

Was Karl Marx a collectivist?

Yes, as evidenced by many passages in his writings, such as the Sixth Thesis on Feuerbach from The German Ideology where he states: "Feuerbach resolves the essence of religion into the essence of man. But the essence of man is no abstraction inherent in each single individual. In its reality it is ( Full Answer )

What were Karl Marxs economic beliefs?

Take money/goods from the rich and well-to-do, and give it to the poor people, more or less. This is the greatest philosophy of government that I know of . . . well, other than it cannot possibly work, even though President Obama is giving it a try. The reason that the USA has a free-market sy ( Full Answer )

Did Karl Marx write?

Yes, he spent practically his entire life writing. Some publishers have published collected works editions of Marx's and Engels' work. The only publisher to still do so is International Publishers who publish their collected works in a 50 volume set with a final volume to published containing a sort ( Full Answer )

Did Engels tutor Karl Marx?

No, Engels was Marx's BFF and intellectual colleague. It was together they created scentific socialism or Marxism. Marx had a bit of a more important role to play there but Engels' contribution can hardly be overstated.

Which country was Karl Marx from?

Germany, though he lived out much of his life living in exile in London as a stateless person, as he never had British citizenship.

What was the proletariat according to Karl Marx?

The proleariat is the working-class. Marx and Engels defined class in terms of a specific class' relation to the means of production and after that, the relationship between that particular class and others. Marx defined the proletariat as being the class under capitalism that is the exploited class ( Full Answer )

What were three steps Karl Marx wanted workers to take to become a communist society?

There weren't any three steps, Marx always said that no one can lay out a blueprint for a revolution but what he wanted to see happen was a socialist revolution in which workers and the oppressed of the world took political power and protected the revolution through violence if necessary and build s ( Full Answer )

Why did Karl Marx develop communism?

Karl Marx and his industrialist backer, Friedrich Engels, sought a solution to what they viewed as the exploitation of the working classes in Europe. Specifically the working classes in industrialized Germany and England. Working conditions were dangerous and wages were low. Trade unions lacked any ( Full Answer )

When did Karl Marx become famous?

From the 1870's onwards Marx and Engels steadily became more widely known and influential though it was not until the 1890's when their ideas really started to spread. It would however take the Bolshevik Revolution to make them practically household names.