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When Marley's ghost visited Scrooge he warned him about the ghosts and his behaviour.

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Q: What did Marley's ghost tell Scrooge?
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Where does Scrooge get the first glimpse of marleys ghost?

On the door knocker of the front door

What did Scrooge do after Marleys ghost had left his house?

went back to sleep until the next ghost came

What did Marleys ghost command Scrooge to do?

Marley's ghost commanded Scrooge to change his ways and to be nicer, or else he'd end up like Marley(lonely and hated).

What is Stave 1 about in A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge was visited by marleys ghost and Marley was described as dead as a doornail. And Marleys ghost warned him that he was going to be visited by three ghosts. he treats bob cratchit like poop.

Can you summarize Stave One of A Christmas Carol?

marleys ghost gives scrooge awrning that he will be visited by three ghosts

Did scrooge believe in marleys ghost at first?

He thought he was going crazy at first so he didn't believe in it at first.

What did Scrooge learn from marleys ghost?

He learns that coninuing on his miserly, money grabbing ways where he disrespects and disowns those around him will being Scrooge everlasting torment

How does Scrooge react to Marleys ghost?

He's scared at frst and doesn't belive that Marley's ghost is real. But then he starts to believe by some of the things that Marley says and does.

Who did Scrooge first see in the old warehouse in A Christmas Carol?

He saw Marleys ghost at the old warehouse

Why does marleys ghost come to visit Scrooge?

To warn Scrooge that unless he changes his ways and seeks to make amends to mankind for his previous miserly living then Scrooge was destined to walk the earth in eternal torment

What is marleys ghost prediction?

Should Scrooge continue in his miserly mean ways then he (Scrooge) would be forced to walk in the earth suffering everlasting torment following his death as had Marley

Why was Scrooge surprised seeing Marleys ghost?

He had seen Marley's corps lying in state seven year earlier so to see his ghost after all this time was a shock

What does marleys ghost teach Scrooge?

Jacobs return was the start of the changes that Scrooge was to undertake before Christmas Day. Marley tells Scrooge that he (Marley) will walk the earth for eternity because of his attitude to his fellow man. It was a punishment that he did not want Scrooge to endure

Why does Scrooge not believe in Marleys ghost?

He's in denile.He thinks the vision is caused by uncooked potatoe or raw meat he might have just eaten

What was Jacob marleys warning to Scrooge?

Marley warned Scrooge to change his miserly ways.

When did Jacob Marleys ghost leave?

Having delivered his warning to Scrooge, Marley leaves through the window of Scrooges bedroom in to the night. This is the end of Stave one

What is the most intense part of stave 1 of A Christmas Carol?

scrooge and marley scrooges nephew visit him scrooge will give nothing scroogecloses his office for christmas scrooge meets an old friend the face on the door knocker the strange carriage strange noises scrooge talks to the marleys ghost

Who is Marleys ghost in A Christmas Carol?

Marley's ghost was Marely.

Why does the ghost tell Scrooge to beware?

Because if Scrooge doesn't repent of his evil ways, he may be lost forever.

What does Marley's ghost tell Scrooge about afterlife?

The Scrooge, unless he changes will suffer eternal torment for his wrong doings

In A Christmas Carol who was the first ghost to visit Scrooge?

The ghost Marley to tell him 3 ghosts are coming.

What did scrooge want the ghost to do after hearing belles husband tell her about him?

He demanded that the ghost "remove him from this place"

What does the ghost of Christmas future tells scrooge?

The third ghost did not tell him anything. But he did show him what would have been if he never changed. For example. The ghost shows scrooge a group of people stealing his things because Scrooge was a mean old selfish miser.

What was the lesson from the ghost of Scrooge?

Scrooge was never a ghost in the story

How does Scrooge react to the ghost of Christmas yet to come?

Scrooge is terrified of this ghost the most. Scrooge is forced to go into his grave by the ghost.