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Go an wikipida and type in his name in and you will see his pic but makeshure no one under 10 is watching.

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Q: What did Menes look like?
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What did King Menes look like?

Menes was an Egyptian pharaoh who lived in about the 5th Century BC. There is very little information about what he might have looked like, but most likely he was of average height, with a shaved head and a beard on his chin in the style of many pharaohs.

What was King Menes' childhood like?

Very little is known about Menes. We know nothing of his childhood.

Did the people in Egypt like Menes as pharaoh?


Was menes a god before?

menes god

What did king menes do as king?

what did king menes do and why is it important

What did menes do?

Menes was a pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt

Was menes the first pharaoh?

Menes became pharaoh in 285 b.c No, Menes was not the first Pharoah, Ramses 1 was

Who was menes wife?

Yes, Menes did have a wife. Her name was Neithotep.

What was the ruler Menes known for?

the ruler of menes was known for power

Did Menes combin Egypt?

Traditionally it was Menes but the name was added later. In reality it is an unknown Pharaoh that might have been called Menes.

Where is king menes buried?

King Menes was buried near Sakkra.

Wherewas king menes born?

king menes was born in Memphis

Who killed king menes?

people say that a hippopotamus killed menes

Did menes have his tomb stolen?

Menes Tomb Was Not Stolen But Discovered By Archaeologist

Was king menes black?

Yes if you look at a bust of him you will find hes black dont listen to eurocentrists

What was the city King Menes built?

King Menes built the city Memphis

True or false did king Menes have a dad?

yes king menes did to have a dad.

What other name was Menes called in Egypt?

Menes was also called Narmer.

Who owned Lower Egypt when King Menes united Egypt?

King Menes

Who did king Menes marry?

King menes married a princess from the lower egypt.

Was Menes really eaten by a hippo?

Yes,king menes was killed by a hippo

Who was Pharaoh before king menes?

nobody was a pharaoh before king menes king menes was the first one to rule during the first dynasty.

What are facts about menes?

He was buried in Abydos. Menes is often called king Tut or the Hawk King. Menes was a pharoah during the Dynastic Peroid! J.B.

How was uniting Upper and Lower Egypt like uniting your 13 colonies?

Narmer (Menes)

What was king menes job?

Menes was an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who is credited with uniting upper and lower Egypt. King Menes also started the first Dynasty.