What did Mexico do in World War 2?

Mexico was involved in World War Two (1939-1945) after 3 Mexican oil tankers were sunk by German submarines and after Mexican agents trained by US intelligence agencies discovered Japanese and German spies plotting to invade the Mexican port of Veracruz in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as Mazatlan and Acapulco in the Pacific, so that they could use these as bases of operations to invade the United States.

Mexican President Manuel Avila Camacho declared war on the Axis Powers in May 22, 1942. Mexico sent a modernized air squadron of 36 pilots in P-47 Thunderbolt planes, known as the 201st Air squadron (Spanish: Escuadron 201). Mexico also supplied 150 military servicemen and they fought in the battle of Okinawa, performing air support operations during the entire Pacific Campaign at the liberation of the Philippines.

Not only did Mexico supply a handful of soldiers and airmen but also provided cheap raw materials, oil, and braceros (temporary workers) to help the US while most of their men were fighting out in the war.