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cause he wanted to play for fun and then got good at it and his dad wanted to test him so he aked a girl names suzie and she instructed him throughout the whole time and after he got better and better when he finnaly thought that he shoud try out for a Basketball team and then he failed at it and then he came to a funeral of his daddy cuz he died with cancer so yeah that's about it...

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What does Michael Jordan like other than basketball?

He was also a huge fan of Baseball, and actually played professionally for a bit in the middle of his basketball career (in between retirements).He also in known to enjoy playing Golf.

Does LeBron James enjoy playing basketball?

Yes, he does enjoy basketball.

What did Michael Jordan do after he retired?

he enjoy his money

What sport does president most enjoy playing?


Is basketball awesome?

If you enjoy basketball then yes!! If you do not enjoy basketball then no it is not. If you do not enjoy sports then chances are you also wont enjoy basketball.

Why do people enjoy playing basketball?

i like to play basketball because it has to do wiht outside and lots of exercise.

What does Michael Jordan give to the world?

Nothing. He sells entertainment to those that enjoy watching him play.

What hobbies does Barack Obama enjoy?

His favorite hobbies are playing basketball with his friends, playing golf, and reading.

What is Barack Obama favorite basketball player?

He has not said much about his favorite individual players, although in the past, he said he was a fan of Michael Jordan. Since he follows the Chicago Bulls faithfully, we may assume the president's favorite players are on that team, but he seems to really enjoy the sport of basketball itself.

What are sports for teens?

In Australia lot's of teens enjoy playing; -Netball -AFL -Basketball -Soccer

What games do kids in Guatemala enjoy playing?

Is soccer they play soccer with there family most of the time and Basketball to

What does the President Barack Obama enjoy when he is not working?

He enjoys reading, playing golf, playing basketball with some of his friends, and spending time with his family watching movies.

What two sports do Obama's daughters enjoy?

According to news reports, the two Obama daughters enjoy playing basketball and soccer. They have also done some skiing with their mom.

What did Michael Jackson enjoy doing when he was growing up?

buying candy and giving it to the kids in the neighborhood...playing

Which is better basketball or soccer?

This is a matter of opinion on whether the person likes soccer or basketball. Soccer is the more popular sport but basketball is very popular too. If you ask me personally i would go for soccer because i enjoy playing it in real life, i love watching it and i play the games on my console which i enjoy.

What does barack obama enjoy?

If you are asking what he likes to do in his leisure moments, he enjoys playing basketball with his friends; playing golf; listening to music; reading; and spending time with his family.

What African kids do for fun?

Most kids like playing games like soccer, basketball, tag and outside games and girls also enjoy making dolls and playing with them.

What activates does Michelle Obama enjoy?

I believe she enjoys playing basketball and gardening. She also likes to make people aware of being active.

What sport does Barack Obama enjoy?


What does shaq enjoy?

Food, basketball, and rapping.

Do teenage like to play football?

Not always football. And some teenage boys enjoy other sports. ( baseball, basketball,etc.) basketball is the most popular sport for teens. But teenage girls Enjoy sports as well. Not really playing them but cheering for them from the sidelines. Either watching or cheering on a cheer team. But football is another sport many teens enjoy.

Why do women enjoy playing basketball?

In life most girl and womendon't have anything to do. Ex; when your a boy a can play video game. Girls? TV all day. So they start doing things that boys enjoy to do.

What do people enjoy most when there doing fitness activities?

they enjoy soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

What other activities do the locals enjoy in Spain?

Spanish people enjoy football,basketball, and cycling.

What sport does Barack Obama enjoy most?