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Mr. Stryver stopped by Tellson's Bank to talk to Mr. Lorry.

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In A Tale of Two Cities how does stryver view his marriage to lucie?

As a way to gain social status.

Why does Dr Manette cobble for nine days after lucie and Charles are married?

In A Tale of Two Cities, Dr. Manette cobbles for nine days after Lucie and Charles are married because it is his way of escaping from distressing news. He has just learned from Darney his true identity.charles was the next Marquis, which before he was imprisoned by the previous Marquis

Why does madame defarge wish to see lucie and younger lucie?

So that she can knit their descriptions, that way she can have them be killed later on.

Who are A Tale of Two Cities characters?

* Sydney Carton - A quick-minded but depressed English barrister alcoholic, and cynic; his Christ-like self-sacrifice redeems his own life as well as saving the life of Charles Darnay. * Lucie Manette - An ideal Victorian lady, perfect in every way. She was loved by both Carton and Charles Darnay (whom she marries), and is the daughter of Dr. Manette. She is the "golden thread" after whom Book Two is named, so called because she holds her father's and her family's lives together (and because of her blond hair like her mother's). She also ties nearly every character in the book together. * Charles Darnay - A young French noble of the Evrémonde family. In disgust at the cruelty of his family to the French peasantry, he has taken on the name "Darnay" (after his mother's maiden name, D'Aulnais) and left France for England. * Dr. Alexandre Manette - Lucie's father, kept a prisoner in the Bastille for eighteen years. * Monsieur Ernest Defarge - The owner of a French wine shop and leader of the Jacquerie; husband of Madame Defarge; servant to Dr. Manette as a youth. One of the key revolutionary leaders, he leads the revolution with a noble cause, unlike many of other revolutionaries. * Madame Therese Defarge - A vengeful female revolutionary, arguably the novel's antagonist. * The Vengeance - A companion of Madame Defarge referred to as her "shadow" and lieutenant, a member of the sisterhood of women revolutionaries in Saint Antoine, and revolutionary zealot. (Many Frenchmen and women actually did change their names to show their enthusiasm for the Revolution.) * Jarvis Lorry - An elderly manager at Tellson's Bank and a dear friend of Dr. Manette. * Miss Pross - Lucie Manette's governess since Lucie was ten years old. Fiercely loyal to Lucie and to England. * The Marquis St. Evrémonde - The cruel uncle of Charles Darnay. * John Barsad (real name Solomon Pross) - A spy for Britain who later becomes a spy for France (at which point he must conceal that he is British). He is the long-lost brother of Miss Pross. * Roger Cly - Another spy, Barsad's collaborator. * Jerry Cruncher - Porter and messenger for Tellson's Bank and secret "Resurrection Man" (body-snatcher). * Mr. Stryver - An arrogant and ambitious barrister, senior to Sydney Carton. There is a frequent mis-perception that Stryver's full name is "C. J. Stryver", but this is very unlikely. The mistake comes from a line in Book 2, Chapter 12: "After trying it, Stryver C. J. was satisfied that no plainer case could be. The initials C. J. almost certainly refer to a legal title (probably "chief justice"); Stryver is imagining that he is playing every role in a trial in which he browbeats Lucie Manette into marrying him. * The Seamstress - A young woman caught up in The Terror. She precedes Sydney Carton, who comforts her, to the guillotine. * Gabelle - Gabelle is "the Postmaster, and some other taxing functionary, united" for the tenants of the Marquis St. Evrémonde. Gabelle is imprisoned by the revolutionaries, and it is his beseeching letter that brings Darnay to France. Gabelle is "named after the hated salt tax". * Gaspard - Gaspard is the man whose son gets run over by the Monsieur. He then kills the Monsieur and goes into hiding for a year. He eventually gets found, arrested, and executed.

What is the significance of Recalled to Life in Book the First of Tale of Two Cities?

"Recalled to life" refers to the imprisonment of Dr. Alexandre Manette and, 18 years later, his return to his old life in London. Yeah, that was is the basics, but that's all. "Recalled to life" refers to how Dr. Manette is clearly mad after being in prison for eighteen years. When Lucie, the Dr.'s daughter, and Mr. Lorry eventually nurse the doctor back to a healthy state and out of his insane state they had "recalled him to life." Dr. Manette was nursed from an insane state with no real life to a sane one with a very functional life. In doing this Lucie and Mr. Lorry, in a way, gave Dr. Manette's life back to him or "recalled him to life." it also refers to how sydney carton changes from a low-life guy to a man who dies for his lover's (lucie0 husband.

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Why does Dr Manette cobble for nine days?

Dr Manette feels that cobbling is the only way to keep his sanity and deal with his current situation. It is a coping mechanism used against the growing level of stress he faces in prison.

What three characters show loyalty in A Tale of Two Cities?

It seems that, of the major British characters in A Tale of Two Cities, there are several demonstrations of loyalty: Lucie Manette was loyal to her father and her husband and never stopped believing in them and their cause. Charles Darnay, a French nobleman, was so loyal to his countrymen that he strode into the lion's jaw, so to speak, in order to save one. Although he had renounced his nobility, he felt enough loyalty to his uncle the Marquis St. Evremond that he paid his annual visit and tried to convince his uncle of the danger that was approaching. Sidney Carton was faithful to Lucie and his promise to her. He was so loyal, in fact, that he willingly gave his life to save that of Lucie and her child. Miss Pross may seem like a comic character, but the steadfastness she exhibited, especially when she accompanied Lucie and her father when they returned to France, which she loathed, is remarkable. She, too, was willing to give her life (as long as she took Therese Defarge with her) for Lucie and the baby. And, less dramatic but no less moving, was the steady attachment Jarvis Lorry showed to the Manettes through all the years that past since Dr. Manette was recovered. He, too, put himself in danger's way to serve the family. It's suspected that he was just a little in love with Lucie.

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Madame Defarge is always knitting. This knitting is in a way a hit list of everyone she wants dead. She knits John Basard into this with his name and his description. To put Lucie and her daughter into her hit list, she must first see, and document their appearances.

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