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Beside boxing Muhammad Ali was always boasting or sitting and praying in a mosque.

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What was the year Muhammad ali started boxing?

Muhammad Ali started boxing in 1954.

When did Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing happen?

Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing happened in 1992.

When was Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing created?

Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing was created in 1992.

When did Muhammad Ali finish boxing?

Muhammad Ali died in 1981.

What other things did Muhammad ali like to do besides boxing?

he liked to bike with his friends and have fun with his family

What does Muhammad Ali do in his retirment?

Muhammad ali coached boxing at the side of his daughter whenever he can

What was Muhammad Ali goal in boxing?

Muhammad Ali goal was to be the greatest boxer ever.

What are Muhammad Ali qualities?

one of muhammad ali qailtes were boxing and his famous qoutes

What career did Muhammad ali have before boxing?

Muhammad Ali started boxing at the age of twelve, so there was not much of a career before that.

Why was Muhammad Ali famous?

Muhammad Ali was famous for being a Boxer and was a world boxing champion.

What age did Muhammad Ali retire?

muhammad ali retired his boxing career at the age of 48

What sport was Muhammad Ali in?

Muhammad Ali played boxing, although his favourite sport was horse-riding.

Who is more famous Muhammad Ali or Sonic the Hedgehog?

Muhammad Ali is more famous in terms of boxing

Did Muhammad Ali die?

No, not yet. He is not boxing anymore.

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