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He taught that God is One and that it is wrong, and futile, to worship or pray to idols. The Quraysh elders objected to this, because Makkah was, at that time, a center of pagan worship. They feared that if pagan worship ceased, their tribe would suffer a loss of influence and of income.

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Where was the prophet Muhammad bornWhere was the prophet Muhammad born?

He was born in Makkah, in the tribe of Quraish.

Was prophet Muhammad a quraishi?

The prophet Muhammad PBUH belongs to the Arabian tribe (Quraesh), exactly He PBUH is from ( Bani Hashem).

Which tribe do Prophet Muhammad and imam mahdi belong to?

banu hashim

What tribe was Muhammad a member of?

The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) came from the Banu Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe.

How did Muhammad unify most of Arabian peninsula under Islam?

Quarish at the time was a tribe whom no other tribe would want to mess around with. But when they were brought under the banner of Islam, the other tribes in Arabia knew that they weren't a match for the Muslims.And Islam has NEVER allowed forced conversions or violence. How do you expect Muhammad (peace be upon him) to force people into Islam? Islam is a beautiful religion and people in Arabia realised it so they converted BY CHOICE not by force.

Who is darod?

Darod was an Arab and claim/is to be a desendent of banu hashim the tribe of prophet Muhammad

Who tried to fail prophet muhammed through speech?

Kaab ibn Asad, chief of the Qurayza tribe, brought a legal case for Muhammad's judgment. He tried to bribe him by saying that if Muhammad decided in his favour, Kaab's whole tribe would convert to Islam. Kaab probably had a hidden agenda, i.e. that if Muhammad took the bribe, he would prove himself to be a false prophet. Muhammad did not fall into this trap. He refused the bribe and judged the case on its merits.

Why did Prophet Muhammad leave mecca to Medina and what was this trip called?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) left Mecca to Medina per God command to him. People of Mecca who were the Prophet's kinship, forced him to leave as they did not accept his beliefs and tortured his followers . Leaving to Medina was done under a Divine direction. God informed prophet Mohamed (peace upon him) that the tribe leaders who, didn't accept Islam, plotted to assassinate him. Accordingly, he was commanded by God (Allah) to immigrate to Medina. This trip is called Hijra in Arabic.

What did the Quraysh tribe plan to do to the Prophet saw on the day he was ordered by Allah to migrate to Madina?

They had not accepted Islam. Some of them tried to bribe Prophet Muhammad (S) with money and power, including an offer to make him king. The Quraish's were enemies of the Prophet Muhammad (S), they began to persecute the Prophet (S) and his followers. Prophet Muhammad (S) waspublicly humiliated. Quraish's threw dirt on him whilst walking on the street and whilst he was praying. Abu Jahl wanted to step on the Prophet's neck, Abu Jahl said, "If I see Muhammad praying at the Ka'ba, I will tread on his neck." When the Prophet heard of that, he said, "If he does so, the Angels will snatch him away." Abu Jahl did not attempt this! SHARMIN

Who were Prophet Muhammad's mother and father?

The mother of Prophet Muhammad was Aminah the daughter of Wahb, from the family of Zuhrah, from the tribe of Quraysh.(Mother name: Aminah bent Wahb)The father of Prophet Muhammad was ^Abdullah, the son of ^Abdul-Muttalib.(father name: Abdullah ibn AbdulMuttalib)Prophet Muhammad's parents were both from the tribe of Quraysh, in Makkah (or Mecca), in nowadays Saudi Arabia. Quraysh is the tribe with the highest rank among the Arab tribes.

Who was first tribe given teaching of Islam?

There was no particular tribe whom the Islamic teachings were given. Basically the spread of Islam occurred when the Prophet of Islam started receiving divine revelations, and the prophet had countless loved ones friends and family members hence so in no time slowly and steadily the followers of Islam spread like anything because Islam is a universal truth. Even to this date Islam is the fastest growing religion among all.

Who is the father of Juwairiya the wife of prophet Muhammad?

Hazrat Juwairia's father was a Jew. His name was Hui bin Ukhtab. He was the leader of his tribe..

What did Muhammad tell Jewish people?

It depends entirely on the occasion. In the earlier period of Muhammad's prophecy, he invited Arabian Jews to convert to Islam by presenting "evidences" of his role as a prophet. These were, by and large, rejected by the Jews as being spurious connections and not valid evidences. After this wide-scale rejection of Islam by Arabian Jews, Muhammad became increasingly hostile to the Jews. He began to threaten them and accuse them of treachery, ultimately leading to the massacre of the Jewish Tribe Banu Qurayza in Medina and the later massacre of the Jewish Tribe Banu Nadir in Khaybar.

Who started Islam and when did this happen?

A Muslim would say that Islam is the natural religion of the human race and therefore Allah started it on the day he created Adam. A secular historian would say that the founder of Islam was Muhammad ibn Abdullah, an Arab from the Quraysh tribe who lived in Mecca. Muhammad said he had met the angel Jibreel (Gabriel) in a cave at a date equivalent to August 610, and the angel told him he was a prophet. It was several weeks or even months before Muhammad could come to terms with his strange experience and start telling his friends that they should worship Allah. It could be said that Islam, as it is understood in modern terms, existed from 611 onwards.

What did the people of Medina believe about Muhammad?

It depends on which Medinans you are talking about. There were six major tribes of Medinans, three who were Jewish and three who were Polytheistic, in addition to the Muslims who fled with Muhammad from Mecca, who functioned more-or-less as a seventh tribe. In the beginning, all of these tribes regarded Muhammad as a spiritual person, even if he was not of their religions, and a proper dispute arbitrator. This changed at the end of the eight years of Muhammad's time in Medina. At this time, most of the members of the Polytheistic tribes had converted to Islam and accepted Muhammad's claims of prophecy. Conversely, the three Jewish Tribes were quite wary of his claims and only a few of them converted to Islam. One Jewish tribe fled, one was forcibly ejected, and one was completely slaughtered. Accordingly, as a community, the Jews of Medina bore a negative image of Muhammad, at the end of their encounter.

What was prophet mohammeds tribe name?

The prophet (SAW)'s tribe name was "Quraish", and his family name "Banu Hashim"

What tribe was Muhammad in?

He was from the most respecable tribe known as Bani Hashim.

How was Muhammad's message received in Mecca and Medina?

Prophet Muhammed received his message via the angel Gabriel. Gabriel delivered the word of God directly to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).Initially (in Mecca), Muhammad's message was met with pity and mockery from the majority of the locals. Only the closest people within Muhammad's social circle converted to Islam however, apart from this there were no significant positive responses. After seeing the growing influence of Islam, the leaders of Mecca resorted to persecuting Muhammad and his followers. They even bribed him to let go of Islam, promising him wealth and power. Eventually, Muhammad and his tribe were boycotted and exiled to the Valley of Abu Talib where they had to face inhumane conditions, having nothing to eat or drink. After this exile was ended however, Muhammad resorted to spread his message to Medina.The people of Medina were more welcoming to Muhammad, and his message. They lent an open-ear, Muhammad knew that know from the resultants of the Pledges of Aqabah. So, when he moved to Medina and assumed control, a vast majority received his message with respect and sincerity. It was the city of Medina that allowed Muhammad to nurture Islam and present it as it is now, a global religion.

Who is the leader of the Muslim tribe?


How can a man with 13 wife became a leader of the Islam relegion?

1. KHADIJAH : She was 40 years old when she proposed to marry the Prophet when he was 25 years old. After 15years of their marriage he became a prophet. She had been married twice before she married Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Her first husband was Aby Haleh Al Tamemy and her second husband was Oteaq Almakzomy. They had both died leaving Khadijah a widower. Khadijah died in 621A.D.2. SAWDA BINT ZAM'A: Her first husband was Al Sakran Ibn Omro Ibn Abed Shamz. He died within a few days after his return from Ethiopia. She was 65 years old, poor, and had no one to care for her. This was why Prophet Muhammad married her.3. AISHA SIDDIQA: A woman named Kholeah Bint Hakeem suggested that Prophet Muhammad marry Aishah, the daughter of Aby Bakr, to form a close relationship with Aby Bakr's family. She was already engaged to Jober Ibn Al Moteam Ibn Oday. At this time Jober was not yet a Muslim. The people of Makkah did not object to Aishah becoming married because although she was young & 12years of age, she was mature enough to understand the responsibility of marriage. Prophet Muhammad was engaged to Aishah for 2 years before he married her. Aby Bakr was the first leader after Prophet Muhammad's death.4. HAFSAH BINT U'MAR : She was the daughter of Omar, the second Calipha. Omar asked Othman to marry Hafsah. Othman refused because his wife had recently died and Othman did not want to remarry. Omar then went to Aby Bakr but he also refused to marry Hafsah. Aby Bakr knew that the Prophet had already considered marrying Hafsah. Omar then went to Prophet Muhammadand complained that Othman and Aby Bakr did not want to marry his daughter. The Prophet told Omar that his daughter will marry and Othman will also remarry. Othman married the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, Om Kolthoom, and Hafsah married the Prophet. This made Omar and Othman both happy.5. ZAYNAB BINT KHUZAYMA: Her husband died in the battle of Uhud, leaving her poor and with several children. She was old when Prophet Muhammad married her. She died 3 months after she married the Prophet 625 A.D.6. SALAMA BINT UMAYYA: Her husband, Abud Allah Abud Al Assad Ibn Al Mogherah, died leaving Hend poor and with many children. Hend was at least 65 years old at the time. Aby Bakr and several others asked her to marry them, but because she loved her husband very much, she refused the marriage's offers. But finally she accepted Prophet mohammad's offer to marry her and take care of her children.7. ZAYNAB BINT JAHSH: She was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad's aunt, Omameh Bint Abud Almutaleb. The Prophet arranged for Zaynab to marry Zayed Ibn Hareathah Al Kalby. This marriage did not last and the Prophet received a verse in the Quran which stated that if they became divorced, then the Prophet must marry Zaynab (Sura 33:37).8. JUWAYRIYA BINT AL-HARITH: Her first husband's name was Masafeah Ibn Safuan. Prophet Muhammad wanted Juayreah's tribe (Beni Al Mostalag)to convert to Islam. Juayreah became a prisoner after the Muslims won the Battle of Al Mostalaq. Juayreah's father came to the Prophet and offered a payment for her return. The Prophet asked her father to give her a choice. When she was given a choice she said she accepted Islam and Prophet Muhammad as the last God's Messenger. The Prophet then married her. Her tribe of Beni Almostalag accepted Islam.9. SAFIYYA BINT HUYAYY: She was from the tribe of Beni Nadir, who were from the children of Levi (Israel). She was married twice before, then she married Prophet Muhammad . Her first husband Salam Ibn Moshkem, and her second husband was Kenanah Ibn Al Rabeeah.10. UMMU HABIBA BINT SUFYAN: Her first husband was Aubed Allah Jahish. He was the son of the aunt of Prophet Muhammad. Aubed Allah died in Ethiopia. The king of Ethiopia arranged the marriage of Ramelah to Prophet Muhammad.11. MAYAMUNA BINT AL-HARITH : She was 26years old when she married Prophet Muhammad. Her first husband was Abu Rahma Ibn Abed Alzey. When the Prophet opened Makkah in 630 AD , she came to the Prophet, accepted Islam and proposed to marry him. Her actions encouraged Many Makkahans to accept Islam and Prophet Muhammad.12. MARIA AL-QABTIYYA : She was sent to Prophet Muhammad as a hand maid servant from the king of Egypt. Maria had a son from the Prophet. His name was Ibrahim.

Which tribe was the prophet mohammed from?


What is prophet Zechariah's tribe?


Which tribe did the holy prophet belong to?

Which Holy Prophet? Jesus was of the tribe of Judah and Moses of Levi. Does that help?

Korah was in the tribe of who?


What tribe and clan did Muhammad belong to?

Tribe: QurayshClan: Banu Hashim