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In 1676 he made the first quantitative measurements of the speed of light.

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Q: What did Olaus Roemer discover about light?
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What did Olaus Roemer invent?

Olaus Roemer discovered the speed light in 1676.

Who was the first to use coloured alcohol in a thermometer?

Olaus Roemer

Who was the first to measure the precise speed of light?

The Danish astronomer Olaus Roemer was the first to measure the speed of light. (within 25 % of the actual value)

Who were the persons were mesured speed of light?

It was the Danish astronomer, Olaus Roemer, who, in 1676, first successfully measured the speed of light. His method was based on observations of the eclipses of the moons of Jupiter (by Jupiter).

How did gabriel Fahrenheit discover the mercury thermometer?

He met Olaus Roemer, a Danish astronomer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He invented the alcohol thermometer and he realized the scale was unbalanced. So he decided to make his own thermometer and universal accurate scale.

The velocity of light was first measured by?

Olaf Roemer

Who try to measure the speed of light?

Roemer was the first to measure the speed of light.

Where was the speed of light first measured in the US and by whom?

Olaf Roemer

Velocity of light was first measured by?

By Roemer, observing the moons of Jupiter.

When did Olaus Laurentii die?

Olaus Laurentii died in 1438.

When was Olaus Swartz born?

Olaus Swartz was born in 1760.

When did Olaus Swartz die?

Olaus Swartz died in 1817.