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Q: What did Patrick Henry say way the reason for the British martial array?
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What was the reason for Patrick Henry's speech?

to convince delegates of need for armed resitence for fear of british attack

Was Patrick Henry a british leader?


Who said Patrick Henry committed treason colonist or British leaders?

British leaders said Patrick Henry committed treason.

True or falus British sympathizers thought Patrick Henry was a traitor?

True or falus British sympathizers thought Patrick Henry was a traitor?

What did Patrick Henry talk about in his treason speech?

=Patrick Henry talked about fighting against the British army and not stand there while the British take over.=

Who was captured by british tax collectors?

patrick henry

Who is a colonists who opposed British rule?

Patrick Henry

What does Patrick Henry is inevitable?

War against the British

What type of attitude did Patrick Henry have towards the British?


What does Patrick Henry argue is inevitable?

War against the British

What did Patrick Henry do to work against the British?

Patrick Henry worked against the British by opposing the Stamp Act of 1765. His most famous quote is, Give me liberty or give me death.

What did Patrick Henry do to work againist the british?

Resolved, that the taxation of the people

What movement was Patrick Henry apart of the Puritan Age of Reason or Romantanism?

puritan age of reason

Why was patrick henry a great speaker?

Yes, Patrick Henry was a great orator and speaker. As a champion for freedom and rights, Henry spoke out against British tyranny on all levels.

Patrick Henry was in favor of?

Patrick Henry was in favor of: colonial independence from Britain continued British rule of colonies additional debates on the subject of independence

Why did some colonist accuses Patrick Henry of treason?

They didn't. It was the British who did and they hung him for it.

Was patrick henry a loyalist and leader of the house of burgesses?

In 1765, Patrick Henry was elected to be a member of the House of Burgesses. He was staunchly anti-British, which made him a patriot.

What reason not given by Patrick Henry for fighting against England?

To destroy England

What is a reason not given by Patrick Henry for fighting against England?

to destroy England

Who are Patrick Henry's parents?

John Henry and Sarah Henry.. Patrick Henry is the great-grandson of the first Patrick Henry!!!

What is Patrick Henry's first name?

Patrick not Ronald, well they named Patrick Henry after his father John Henry's brother (Patrick Henry's uncle) Patrick.

Why does Patrick Henry think it's necessary to fight the British?

because he ate dodo

Why Patrick Henry was important?

he helped the colonists from trouble because the british were treating them badly

What was not something Patrick Henry believed would aid the colonial cause against the british?


In his speech Patrick Henry assert that is the colonists' best option now?

Fighting the British