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Ponyboy learned that Darry really cares about him, he just doesn't know how to show that he cares about him.

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What does Ponyboy learn about chapter 6?

Ponyboy learns that Darry cared about him.

What did Ponyboy learn about Darry in chapter 6?

He learned that Darry was trying to make something of himself and Darry loved him and missed him.

What does darry tell ponyboy after the fire?

After the fire Darry tells Ponyboy that he was scared of death because Ponyboy ran away. Darry tells Ponyboy that he is sorry for what he did to Ponyboy.

What is the differences between ponyboy and darry?

darry is Ponyboys brother, of course. He cares for Ponyboy and poses as his guardian. Yet, Ponyboy does not realize Darry's love for him; Darry is cruel to Ponyboy because he realizes Ponyboy's talents and wants him to succeed in life. But Ponyboy takes this as "Darry hates me". This creates a collosus family chasm between Ponyboy and Darry. Darry is 21 and ponyboy is 14.

What happens when ponyboy comes home after curfew?

His brothers Darry and Soda get worried that he is out past his curfew and Darry got mad at Ponyboy and hit him after Soda was sticking up for Ponyboy and then Darry started to yell at Soda and then Ponyboy started yelling at Darry for yelling at Soda and after that was when Darry hit Ponyboy.

What does soda says that makes ponyboy look at his relationship with Darry differently?

Soda tells Ponyboy that Darry loves him (Ponyboy) but he does not understand him. Ponyboy only see the strict side of Darry.

Does Darry love Ponyboy in The Outsiders?

Darry and Ponyboy are brothers. Yes, even though Darry doesn't really show it, he cares very much for Ponyboy

Where did ponyboy go after darry hit him?

Ponyboy meets up with Johnny after Darry hits him.

How does darry feel about ponyboy?

I think that Darry likes Ponyboy in some ways. He kinda thinks that Ponyboy is a good kid.

Why don't Ponyboy and Darry get along in The Outsiders?

Ponyboy feels Darry is bossy, always on his case.

How does Darry react when ponyboy finally come home?

Darry gets in a fight with Ponyboy and hits him

Why does Darry hit Ponyboy in The Outsiders?

Darry hits Ponyboy because it was late and Pony was not home, Darry and Soda-pop were both worried and wondered where Ponyboy could be at that time...Then when Ponyboy came back Darry was upset and slaped Ponyboy but he didn't really mean it...

Why is Darry upst with ponyboy?

Darry is upset with Ponyboy because Ponyboy has the chance to be and do something with his life, but Ponyboy is not listening and wasting his talents. Ponyboy is a bright kid, but he does not use his head half the time and that is why Darry gets so mad and upset with him.

When did ponyboy realize that darry really loved him?

Ponyboy finally realized Darry loved him when he was in the hospital waiting room and he saw Darry crying for him.

What does Ponyboy learn about Darry's feelings?

What Ponyboy learns about Darrys feelings in the book the Outsiders is that Darry actually cares about Ponyboy. He just acts like that because he doesnt want ponyboy to get hurt.

When has ponyboy seen Darry cry?

Ponyboy has seen Darry cry at the hospital when he went to see Ponyboy after the fire incident to take him home. It was the first time Ponyboy ever saw Darry cry. Your welcome โ˜บ

When does ponyboy relizes that Darry loves him'?

at the hospital,ponyboy sees darry crying for the first time and he hugs him.

Why did Darry scold ponyboy?

darry scolds ponyboy because pony starts to slack off in school and darry knows that he can do better. darry also tells him that with his grades he can get a scholarship

Why does Darry's crying have such a profound effect on Ponyboy?

Darry's crying have such a profound effect on Ponyboy because Ponyboy realizes that Darry does care and love him after all. At the beginning of the story Ponyboy thinks Darry doesn't like and he thinks he likes Sodapop. But then of the story when Darry starts crying, Ponyboy realizes that Darry does care about him.

How does Ponyboy feel about Darry?

Ponyboy feels that darry treats him like a baby and doesnt really love him. darry's always holllering at ponyboy...

When ponyboy sees Darry crying at the hospital what does he realize about how Darry feels?

Ponyboy realizes that Darry really does have feelings and cares about others instead of himself

Relationships between Darry and Ponyboy in 'The Outsiders'?

Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy make up the Curtis Brothers.

How did Darry and ponyboy play tug of war with soda?

When Darry and Ponyboy were arguing they both wanted Soda on their side.

What happens when ponyboy comes home after his curfew?

when ponyboy comes in after his curfew, him and Darry ends up getting into a fight and Darry hits ponyboy and ponyboy ran away from home.

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